I have two cars, they both have a very high appetite and pallette for gasoline. Requiring both Premium and large amounts of it, you would think I had a large SUV, I dont. So the time came in this failing-economy/high-commodity country to think about parting ways with one in order to serve a better purpose. Both were terrably fun to drive at the very least. So I disposed of my least favorite of the two and went to pick out a small sub-compact with alot of room and good mpg.

So after a month of deciding and reading review after review I went and got an 08 Element. I can say this, while it's no thrill to drive it gets amazing gas mileage, I think it looks pretty sharp, (you can get them with those plastic side-panels painted!) and it has storage, oh does it have storage. The entire floor is no-stain waterproof rubber and easy to wipe out. The seats are stain proof and waterproof (with drying time of course) and the best thing, The back opens with a little tailgate that is perfectly Corgi-heighted and the entire back of the car is perfect for a dog. There is nothing a dog could damage, there are tie-downs everywhere for kennels or whatever else. The back seats fold up to the side walls leaving the space of a truck bed back there in that tiny little good mpg suv. This is the greatest Take-The-Dog-To-The-Beach vehicle I have ever seen.

Cheez-it has no problem jumping up into the car, it sits relatively low, but it can certainly handle beach-sand and many things a typical car could not, however it is no full-on SUV. The floor is non-skid for puppy-feet, I think he appreciates that alot. The doors side and back hatch all open to literally 90 degrees or more. The side opens up like a pair of french-doors so there is tons of room to get in or out, and the interior has room everywhere, and pockets for dog-bones and whatnot all over the place. It's simply great.

I came home and noticed that the Element had a #1 rating by dog-something website, cool. I did not notice that before but it certainly deserves it. It's almost like someone build a car just for dogs with places for food bowls in the back side-walls and everything. It's a rolling kennel.

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Comment by James on August 10, 2008 at 6:12pm
I kept the evo got rid of a 3000GT-vr4. They should make a bolt-on 3'd row seat for the element, it certainly can fit back there. I like the matrix, but it just didnt have the cargo room I was looking for.
Comment by Sam Tsang on August 10, 2008 at 4:44pm
The backseat can definitely sit one more, if they make a seat pad that covers the existing cup holders in between that would be perfect :) I love the Element's head room! We were very closed to getting the Element a few years ago, due to the seat factor we ended up with a Toyota Matrix instead.

So did you kept the Evo? What a fun car :)
Comment by James on August 10, 2008 at 2:19pm
Your right sam, it only seats four, well properly. You could get alot of people in it though, just not safely with restraints. It handles suprisingly well, and this is the first SUV I have ever owned. It has a really good turning radius which contributes to the SUV-like feel because it does feel "rolley" a little.
Comment by Sam Tsang on August 10, 2008 at 1:33pm
ar the element.... love it, if they make one that seats 5, i would buy it in a heart beat, love the rear seat space, i can stretch my legs out no problem. Very handy for surf boards, getting the sand out...etc. Congrats on a great buy!
Comment by Parker on August 10, 2008 at 1:10pm
Awesome! I actually love a Honda. I have a Civic and I get something like 32 or more mpg! It rocks, seriously. But I"ve been eyeing the Elements for a while. I just wasn't sure I could justify driving ANYTHING that was even remotely an SUV.
Good for you, though, for doing something good for the environment! And for Cheez-it!

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