As of right now, I have two eight month old tri-colored corgis named Penelope and Lucille. They are my life! I wake up with them every morning and go to bed with them every night. They are half sisters and are the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen.
It's amazing to see how much animals can change your life, and even while I was on my honeymoon in Jamaica, I would have to roll up a towel and place it by me as I slept so I wouldn't cry about the dogs.
However, I WANT ANOTHER ONE! It's funny because most people that get married daydream about kids, and all I can think about is having a redhead corgi. I keep hinting that I want one for Christmas and hopefully it will come true :)
I am almost done with my degree at Washington State University and then i will be working as a PR specialist with the ASPCA or a Humane Society. I just don't think I can wait that long to get a puppy though! As of right now we live in an apartment, though my dogs are happiest at home at my dad's house. We have a big field with cows and llamas in it and they could play all day herding them.

I think everyone who leaves this should give me a reason as to why my husband should bring me a dog home with red bow around it's neck for Christmas.

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Comment by Cindi on September 3, 2008 at 11:19am
Jamie, I so totally understand your want of another corgi. It's called MCS (Multiple Corgi Syndrome). I do agree with Nancy, though. It's just like a 3rd person on a date: one gets angry and one gets left out. Consider getting 2 when you have a place that will accommodate them.
Comment by Nancy Geddes on September 3, 2008 at 6:09am
Jamie: Corgis are wonderful! Remember, the dynamics will change drastically going from a brace (2) to a triangle (3). Please consider this before getting your third corgi. I speak from experience! Nan (Bear, Tasha and Linus)

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