Well, I've been distracted for a while but I thought it was about time to stop on in and say how Cheez-it was doing. He is just around 6 months old now and weighs around 17 lbs. (correction: I just weighed him and he is 19lbs.) He still seems rather small for his age, or mabye some of you guys have giant monster-corgi's. He just really isnt intrested in food too much, he mabye eats a cup daily and every other day a cup and a half (I feed him blue buffalo lamb for pups).

He's becomming a very headstrong little guy, his favorite spot is the couch and he KNOWS that he isnt allowed up there. He will only get on it when he is extremely excited (or frapping) or when I leave the room. It's funny, if I leave and come back I wont "see" him on it, but I will see the little wet spot from where he was up there and licked the fabric. Smart one he is.

I took him to the emergency vet last month because he chewed a nasty lasceration into his back leg. They gave him an antibiotic and a steroid for allergy and asked that I start giving him flea prevention twice a month instead of monthly. My home is flea-less, but there is little I can do because I take him to alot of places and fleas just love him. They bite him and die, but he is allergic to the bites :(. If he starts the chewing thing again then I think I am going to have to take him monthly to get a steroid shot. Anyone else have to do this?

He is well socialized, but he still pulls me on the leash, we're working on that heel thing, but he just doesnt agree yet. He also has become a little more vocal, but only for a reason. He barks at some people occasionally, but only certain people. If it is really quiet outside he barks at noises (especially loud motorcycles) and birds/bugs making a racket in the morning makes him crazy. I have just been ignoring him when he barks for no reason like that, just incase it's attention seeking.

He is sort-of getting along with my little ferret. He does chase him around and try to pin him to the ground, which I am not too fond of. Something else we're working on I guess.

For all the places he has been, and people/pets he has seen, he still seems very dependant on me and un-nerving around strangers and other dogs. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong there, or mabye he just prefers not to play with other dogs? At the dog park he usually just watches and rarely joins in, but at least he's comfortable and not scared.

He is fully house-trained now, I would say in the course of his life so far, he has used the bathroom inside 15 times. There have been no accidents for months, except he did drink too much salt-water while attacking beach-waves once and threw up all over the floor. He has never made that mistake again though :)

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Comment by Cindi on September 13, 2008 at 10:41pm
You're right about that. If it's fleas, not much you can do beyond the usual diligence. Man, poor Cheez-It! He might like a back scratcher for when you guys are just hanging out? Tank really liked that and it didn't cause bites. :-)
Comment by James on September 13, 2008 at 9:06pm
He is on a holistic food. I switched him three times (gradually) when the allergy thing started happening and none of that made a difference. It's flea bites causing his chewing, and while I can keep the house treated and him on flea prevention so he doesnt get infested there will always be a flea or two to jump on and bite. It only takes one. The only thing I could do is to stop taking him anywhere, that's no fun.
Comment by Cindi on September 13, 2008 at 8:06pm
James, have you tried Cheez on natural, holistic food? When we switched the Clan over to that, most if not all the allergy issues went away. It's made all the difference in the world.
Comment by Avyon on September 13, 2008 at 2:20pm
ohhhh sneaky boy :) Its good to hear from you!
Comment by James on September 12, 2008 at 7:07pm
Thanks everybody.
He started lifting his leg shortly after I brought him home. Only recently has he started lifting it near things to pee on them. (Only things outside so thats okay). The allergy thing, what a pain. He had the shot a month ago, and slowly he is starting to get chewey more and more. I'v been teaching him not to chew but sometimes he just doesnt want to hear it. You cant blame him, when you itch you itch? I'm going to hold off as long as I can and use garlic spray and keep him out of the wooded areas and mabye he won't need it.
Comment by Karen & Bailey on September 12, 2008 at 5:50pm
hi cheez it! hi james! glad you posted something -i wondered how the little cheese was doing! Glad to hear he's fully potty trained now (bailey was since june 13th - which happened to be my birthday, but while i was telling my friend this last weekend - he later that aftenoon had his first ever accident in months. i spoke too soon). bailey's a full grown teenager now, weighing in at 27 lbs, turning 8 months old next week! he's lonnnggg and lean, and defintely not overweight. we've seen such variation among corgis. i dont think cheez-it is underweight, he probably is the perfect weight for his frame size. bailey is what i call "big boned" lol... so he has .. you know.. bigger heavier muscles to support them.

I too, thought of you both when i saw a box of cheez-its on sale at the grocery store about 2 weeks ago during checkout. hahah. =P

cant wait to hear more stories! happy half birthday, little cheese!
Comment by Carmen on September 12, 2008 at 11:45am
Courtney had to have steriod shots for her allergies for many years, before we figured out that keeping her hair short helped a lot. She was a fluffy. The shot helped her a lot, so if Cheez-it keeps having problems it may be the right step for him.

Trunks is a little of an antisocial corgi. He'll sit to the side and watch other dogs play. He doesn't usually join in.

Great to hear an update on Cheez-it!
Comment by Joshua on September 12, 2008 at 10:43am
Yeah, I wanted to neuter at 8mo, but Bexar just had way too much testosterone running through him. The trainer we go to even said it was definitely time to do it. When did Cheeze-it start lifting his leg? Bexar started just before 4 months (which I hear is early - especially since he learned it on his own), so I think he just went through his sexual maturation a bit early.
As for allergies, Bexar doesn't have any (touch wood). I hope Cheeze-it doesn't need that monthly shot!
Comment by Tina on September 12, 2008 at 8:25am
Ein is about 6 1/2 months and he weighs around 19 lbs, so I don't think that Cheez-it is underweight. I think Corgi's are somewhat like people, they will each find their own comfort zone. However, a chunky corgi is not good because of the strain it puts on their back (so I've heard)
Comment by Cindi on September 12, 2008 at 8:24am
By the way, have I told you I cannot go shopping anymore without thinking of your dog? Everytime I pass of box of Cheez-its, CorgiMom and I turn to each other and immediately wonder how the little guy is doing. Have a great trip. Can't wait for the "sleep over" stories.

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