Well, the hubby and I have been packing up the beach shack in preparation for the big move to big D next week, and Penny is a bit of a loon. She was frightened of the flattened cardboard boxes at first and would not walk across them. Not wanting her to have any strange fears, we helped her over with treats and cuddles. We also helped her walk around the full boxes in the same fashion. However, we are now second guessing our training. She is not normally destructive unless she is playing with stuffed squeaky toys, but now that her fears of the evil cardboard have been calmed, she has decided to unpack the boxes for us. She is at home in the kitchen during the day and she has been hard at work scratching open the packed kitchen boxes and pulling out pots and pans. Thank goodness we have some extra back up boxes. I guess she is as nervous about the move as her mommy is and is starting to get cold feet.
Her spay went well, and she is healing up nicely - no loss of energy :) It has been a week now and she is back to her old self. Now we just have to keep her from running and jumping too much, which has been a challenge in the face of all of the new goodies that have been unearthed since we started packing.
One question for the group - Has anyone done a major move with their little angels before? My husband is going to be driving the moving van and Penn is going to ride shotgun (all buckled in of course!)
I have moved long distance with the cat once before, but never with a pup. Should we try a sedative? Get a sedative but hold off until we see how she does? She generally enjoys riding in the car, but I have fears with it being such a long trip for all of us. Any hints?

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Comment by Kahlua & Tiffany on October 30, 2008 at 2:41pm
She should be fine with the move! Just make sure if you crate her, to have a blanket over it when she needs to sleep. As long as you're calm and ok, she'll be calm and ok. Plan for potty breaks!
Comment by Carmen on October 23, 2008 at 9:00pm
Our dogs did pretty well moving from Wyoming to Iowa. Pan rode in her crate, but Trunks rode in the moving van beside John the whole way. He was a perfect truck dog.

You can try a sedative, but I would suggest just getting some toys and maybe a chewie for the trip. I would think that if she doesn't mind short drives, the long drive won't bother her too much.

Good luck with the move! I get so nervous when I move, so I understand how you feel!
Comment by Julie on October 23, 2008 at 5:05pm
Egads! Good luck!!
Comment by Nicole on October 23, 2008 at 2:36pm
I hope so! We're going from Manhattan Beach, CA to Dallas, TX. Eeeek!
Comment by Julie on October 23, 2008 at 1:29pm
I'm not sure how far you're traveling, but Caleb has made multiple trips from northern California to southern California (about 400 miles). He just curls up and enjoys the ride. We probably make one extra stop than we would if it were just humans (grand total of stops: 2), but we've never had any problems. Granted, we're very lucky, he doesn't get carsick or antsy, and he didn't even need a sedative when he traveled via airplane. I always bring toys, chewies, and treats for long car rides, but he's only ever been interested in the occasional treat. The rest of the time he either sleeps, looks out the window, or requests an ear rub. Hopefully your drive will be just as uneventful!

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