Spider was born and raised in northern California... up until early 2006, he'd never seen snow, much less dealt with temperatures below 40 or so degrees. So, I'm still rather amazed that he adjusted so perfectly to the winter weather and ground cover of Massachusetts upon arriving here to live with me again... Even I'm still getting used to it, after more than 5 years of living here!

He actually seems to like the snow, for the most part. He hates rain because it makes his paws wet and muddy and the droplets hit his ears, which annoys him to no end. Plus, rain often comes with thunderstorms, and he is scared to death of that heavenly rumble to the point where he refuses to go out of the house, even to potty when there's one rolling past us. Snow, however, doesn't bother him at all. He likes to plod through it, and when it's deep enough, he looks like a dog-shaped submarine making its way through an ocean of white.

Maybe, despite his birthplace, there's a special inclination toward more... Welsh environments running through his pembroke blood!

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Comment by Cindi on December 11, 2007 at 12:11am
Gosh, they just love the snow! It's so cute, too. That's one thing about being in the south- nothing but rain - no snow! I'd love to have our brood romping in the snow! (sigh) Maybe I can get CorgiMom to move back to Massachusetts!

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