Jake has a bad experience yesterday. While R had him out on the leash for his walk, a big dog came out of nowhere and ran at him. Somehow, he got out of his collar and ran! Fortunately, R went straig…

Jake has a bad experience yesterday. While R had him out on the leash for his walk, a big dog came out of nowhere and ran at him. Somehow, he got out of his collar and ran! Fortunately, R went straight after him, called him and he turned back and jumped into her arms. Good Jake! She carried him home and all is well. I was NOT happy that we can't even go for a walk without some loose dog bothering us. Well, that is how people take care of their dogs, just open the front door and let them out. Of course, the street is a cul-de-sac, so people assume that no one will go that way. I purposely walk that way so he is not confused by the heavy traffic on the main drag. Guess not! There are plenty of dogs in the neighbor, and certainly not everyone leaves their dog to roam, but over the past 20 years I have had plenty of bad experiences with large dogs coming at me or other family members. Just have to stay alert, I guess.

Needless to say a new collar is in order. I checked it last night and it seems fine on him, but it is one of those adjustable ones, the same kind the Abundant Beagle had and used to get out of easily. I will see if H can come so we can take him to PetCo for a buckle collar and perhaps I can look at the harness type leads, and see if that is a good thing. I am now worried about walking him and anything that I can get to make us both feel secure will be fine. I told her to just keep him in the yard today, and we will see about walking him. I have an old collar of the Abundant One, but it is the same type. We tried to further adjust the collar but it won't go any smaller, so it may simply be the wrong size for him.

The other big deal is that we are supposed to get snow tomorrow. This effectively cancels my plans to go to the store for Easter candy and a new toy for someone, but that is ok, we will try again on Sunday or even next week. I remembered to get the snow shovel from the garage, while we have plowing done, I will need to shovel a spot for someone with very short legs to go out in the morning! I think I will try and measure him and see if I can find what I need in terms of a collar online. That may be do-able.

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Comment by Greg Zaffuto on February 21, 2008 at 6:59pm
I had an experience last weekend with a large German Shepard 2 doors down from my house. Whenever I walk Nick in the neighborhood, the dog runs back and forth in his back yard barking at everyone no matter if a dog or human is walking. If he is inside the house, he jumps at the windows or doors trying to get out. The owners seem to be uncaring that the dog continuously barks or acts agressive towards pedestrians that are not even close to their property, and they never correct the dog from jumping at the gate or their windows. I was worried what would happen if he ever got out of his fenced yard and I found out late Saturday nite. I walked out my front door with Nick on leash and the dog was loose in the corner of my yard and immediately charged us when we stepped onto my front porch. I grabbed Nick and pushed him back inside and before I could close the door and confront the charging dog, he slipped past me and into my house going after Nick. I ran in and grabbed my umbrella I keep by the front door and Nick had run under a low piece of furniture (handy to have those short legs sometimes) and was snarling and snapping at the Shepard whenever he tried to get close to him to bite. I bellowed at the dog "GET OUT!!!" and whacked him on the rump with the umbrella and got his attention. I think he realized then where he was and he was not in his territory and was all of a sudden very cowed and submissive. I have never been afraid of big dogs even when they are agressive, and I guess my Alpha Male personality came out being outraged that he would attempt to come into my house to attack my dog. He scrambled out of the house and I pursued him back to the owner's house where he ran back into the "safety" of his back yard and I closed the gate that he had managed to open. I then pounded on the door and had a talk with the owner, who was very apologetic and seemed to be concerned if either me or my dog was hurt. Luckily, neither dogs nor I had any bites or scratches. He promised to fix the gate latch more secure and so far, no more incidents. I would hate to think what would have happened if one of my more "frail" senior citizen neighbors would have been confronted by the dog while he was out running loose... or even if the dog would have caught Nick and I out in the open where I couldn't have pushed him back into the house for protection. If this ever happens again, I will be forced to report the owners to Animal Control as we have an ordinance against agressive or problem dogs whether fenced or running loose. Perhaps they will make sure the owners either secure the dog better, or take him to obedience training for his aggressiveness.
Comment by ♥ AdEle on February 21, 2008 at 3:00pm
Our neighboorhood is about the same here ... if not worse.
A lot of unresponsible people ...
Comment by Sylvia & Timmy on February 21, 2008 at 1:16pm
Good idea on the harness. I got one for Timmy from Ruff Wear and I can pick him up by the handle on the top of the harness!! Not too good for walking on a loose lead though!! (My error for not training him properly early on though.)
Comment by Charlie on February 21, 2008 at 11:34am
I know that is frustrating. We too live on a culdesac, and two of the neighbors let their dogs roam (even though it's against city ordinance). One is a harmless min poodle. The other dog, I think a Parsons Russell Terrier, is dog agressive and charges us growling and showing all his teeth. It's hard to get off the end of our block in peace. Charlie doesn't help as he tries to act like "tough guy" and growls back and lunges toward the dog. So far I can say "Go Home!" to the terrier, but he seems to be getting bolder and more agressive with time.

Shame to have to drive your dog to a park (or at least off the end of your own block) because the neighbor's are irresponsible...but that's what I'm thinking we'll have to do.
Comment by Sylvia & Timmy on February 21, 2008 at 11:03am
Sorry about Jake's bad experience. You might just talk to some of the offending neighbors regarding their dogs. Sometimes, that's all it takes. If not, I've known people to drive short distances to walk in more "friendly" areas. It's good to see that Jake came and responded when you called. It means that he seeks comfort and support from you, since he was apparently frightened. Good Boy!!!

Make sure the collar fits snug, but not too tight. You should be able to insert two fingers between the collar and his neck, comfortably. He shouldn't be able to back out of the collar. I order most of Timmy's collars on line, and have his neck measurements memorized. The collar should (when buckled or cinched) be smaller than the widest portion of his head (over the top of the skull), yet larger than the smallest part of his neck (directly behind his ears and under his chin) Those measurements are taken snugly not loosely! That skin moves around a lot and that's how they are able to back out of them.

Good luck and be sure to get that hansome boy some snazzy collars!!


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