3 Ft of snow = Happy corgi!

Jackson didn't know what to expect one morning when he peeked around the door. But waiting for him was 3 ft of snow! As soon as we let him out the door, he ran and "snow tunneled" all across the yard. Later, after everyone was inside, he came and joined us for some hot chocolate (but of course, he didn't have some). We were watching him walk around the house, very slowly, and suddenly, he just plopped right on the floor, and fell asleep! We laughed so hard! But after all, bunny hopping through the snow is very hard for a corgi to do!

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Comment by Heather 34 on February 27, 2010 at 12:01pm
My little Bubba is in love with the snow too! He just turned a year old, so this is his first real winter. He seems to think he's part Husky or something. I really wish we had a fenced in yard, but he just drags me all over the apt yard. I hate snow, but for him, I'll go freeze. It's worth it to see how happy the snow makes him and watching how funny he looks plowing through the snow on those short little legs of his.

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