Gizmo met my boyfriend's cats this "weekend." They did surprisingly well. We picked Gizmo up in the afternoon, and took her over to his house, figuring she could have a nice romp around his back yard. Dennis decided it was time for Gizmo to meet Patches and Bagherra.

We let Gizmo into the "cat" room. The cats weren't much amused. Bagherra did his best to look disinterested, while Patches puffed up her tail and took a swat at Gizzy (taking a chunk of fur back with her). After that, Gizmo decided she'd let them be the alpha cats, and beat a hasty retreat when either would approach her.

I was semi-expecting Gizmo to chase them, or try to horseplay with them. It only took one look from Baggie and one swat from Patches to keep her in her place. I'm happy to report there were no casualties, and by the end of the evening the three of them pretended not to notice one another. All in all, good results for a first meeting.

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