It's been a while since I could write some more about Delia. As expected, between work, graduating school and having a brand new puppy to attend to, writing an update wasn't a priority. Delia is doing great. She has settled in nicely and progressively has more energy every day. When we are outside with the other dogs, it's fun to watch her study everyone before she tries to herd them. She's great in the car. She sits in her basket quietly from start to stop and has been all over the state with me. We even went to the Oktoberfest celebration here in Denver and she did awesome with all the people. She just soaked up all the attention. My biggest concern at this point is that she is still unsure of what to do with other dogs that she doesn't live with. I tried taking her to the dog park(A corgi meet up actually) a few days ago and when there were just a few of them, she was fine, but quickly got scared and overwhelmed with several showed up.


She saw snow for the first time last week. Easily the funniest thing I've ever seen. Between trying her hardest not to get her feet wet and trying to eat it at the same time, I was laughing too hard to actually reward her after she peed.


We are now 2 weeks accident free...Well Sorta. She gets excited pee. She piddles when she greets new people. And as annoying as it is, I dunno how to fix it or if she will just out grow it as she gets older. She will literally have just gone pee, then pee when we go greet someone.


She's a great dog though. A breeze to train when I have food in my hands. When I don't, she listens and acknowledges what I say by staring at me firmly before walking away. Brat. HAHA.


As a nurse, I work 12 hour shifts, so during the day a friend of mine takes Delia to work with her where she thinks its the greatest thing ever. They work out in a rural workshop area and she gets free roam of the office and the yard. Rabbit chasing and herding is her new favorite game. I'm thankful to have that support system. I don't know how I would manage 12 hour shifts without the support! She's seriously a life saver.


This is my first puppy as well as my first corgi. My other dogs are shelter mutts. German Shepard/Blue Heeler we got at 4 months, now 8yrs, and a black lab "mix" we got at 1 year, now 7yrs. We were told mix, but he isn't mixed with much according to our vet. Regardless, trying to adapt to the intellect of a corgi and the youth of a puppy has been rewarding and overwhelming. She pushes my patience constantly and I feel that she hates me sometimes. (She will cuddle with EVERYONE but me, haha but she lives with me I guess)


I have learned that she poses so well for pictures though! We were in the mountains and had those antique looking pictures done and she posed perfectly. Then this weekend I put her in a pumpkin and same thing (ok, that one took some coaxing) The pictures are on my profile. I can't wait to see how her coloring turns out and how she matures as a dog.


Wait and see I suppose!




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Comment by Emily & Scout on October 10, 2012 at 11:46am

Most likely, she will outgrow the peeing while greeting.  My first puppy, Hershi did this, and she outgrew it pretty quick ( I know before 6 months it was no longer an issue).  It just took her getting used to all the new people.  Good luck with her.  Going to look at your pictures, now!

Comment by Ashley and Zorro on October 9, 2012 at 11:35pm

I just looked at your pictures and what a beautiful little corgi! Having those opportunities to expose her to a variety of people/animals/and experiences is what will make her into a great dog. Good luck and enjoy!

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