we had just recently put our shar-pei mix named Danger down due to aggression issues. we had not intended to get another friend, much less 2- so shortly after Danger went to sleep. i am a dog person and there hasn't really been a time in my life that i have not had one so i knew this was going to be extremely rough.
so i started looking on craigslist and i ran across Astro. i called the girl and told her my story and told her that i must meet this little one that she had. we worked it out, he was brought to my house and we all fell in love. i fell in love with him, he fell in love with my big back yard and the rest is golden.
that same lady had fostered a little girl version of him. she needed a foster case she was found with a broken leg then turned back into the humane society. so, when we found out about her- i immediately called the humane society and they were going to spay her and put a hold on her for me to run in and meet her. we ended up falling in love with each other also- broken leg and missing half her teeth and all. she truly is a special girl.
all of that happened and these 2 are the best of friends. i have never experienced the male/female relationship with dogs before. they take care of each other so well- it is so human to me. i just love to sit back and watch them deal with their issues then make up.
if she is putting her nose where it shouldn't be, he stands back. does a little dance and makes these high pitched yips/barks to alert me that she is getting into trouble. it is hilarious!
also, i have never had the luck that i have with these 2. in the past, especially the most recent past- it took A LOT to even go to the vet. car rides, heck no. nail trimming- mayyyyybe after 3 sedation pills and a 4 hour span. vets office- clear the building. it was crazy.
i take these 2 in and they completely melt at the vets hands. they are just so happy to go for a car ride and see someone new. when i got them they were already leash, car, potty and vet trained AND very well socialized. we go to the dog park 2 times a week. and thats where i say that the relationship with these 2 is so awesome. if she is off playing and somehow gets tangled up and she yips, he is right there in a flash.
tonight is a dog park date with the lady that i got my astro from and the foster lady from my starla. i invited them to see how they are doing.
i am excited too. its going to be a fun night!

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Comment by DR, Nala & Simon on December 11, 2008 at 12:53pm
thanks for sharing!
Comment by Sondra on December 11, 2008 at 12:40pm
so sorry about you shar-pei, but what a wonderful story and such a happy ending for shorty and starla :-)
Comment by Laura Jones on December 11, 2008 at 11:45am
Wow what a story. I am glad they found such a loving forever home.

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