Wow, where does the time go? It's been a month already since my last blog post. Zoey is up to 13 pounds as of this morning. Maybe she will catch up in weight. She was a preemie from, and one of the smallest of her siblings. She has 10 siblings, if you can believe it. I have been not coming home at lunch for a month now, so she is in her crate from about 8:15am to about 2:30pm. No accidents in her crate for almost a month. After bein accident free in her crate for a week, I switched out the newspaper lining for a soft fluffy dog bed, pink of course. After having a tough time finding a food that did not result in pudding consistence poops, we finally settled on Merrick Puppy Plate. She loves it, and has very solid, well formed poops.

Life is certainly getting easier with Zoey, she is really turning out to be a good little girl. Our older dog has probably had more activity in the last two months than he has had in the prior two years. He is starting to get a visible waist now. Fox is turned 11 years old a couple of weeks ago, and was our first Corgi. We learned the hard way that Corgi's will always try to convince you that they are starving, and we were no exception. At his heaviest,her was up to 59 pounds 18 months ago, and 2 months ago, he was down to 49. He still has a long way to go, but we are determined. And, the increased activity level from hanging out with a puppy that always wants to play is helping. We switched his food to Solid Gold Holistiqe Blendz a month ago, and we can visibly see a noticible diference. I think that me probablly has lost another 5 pounds. Our goal is to have him down to 30 pounds by Fall.

One thing that we have noticed is that Zoey's puppy toys don't last very long with Fox. They just are no match for his big dog teeth.

I can't wait for Zoey to let us sleep past 6:15am, 7:30 would be nice..

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