We almost lost our dear Joey last week due to vomiting and diarrhea.  He's an old guy and older dogs can go downhill very quickly when this happens.  Fortunately our doctor in Marina Del Rey California helped us over the phone with a diagnosis and a perscription for an antibiotic.  Joey has recovered completely!


But we believe his gastroenteritis was due to drinking pavement water that was sitting in the sun and had parasites.  Also Joey is a scavenger and will eat anything that looks slightly good.  So we walk him with a tight leash now or in "Safe" areas.  Watch where your little guy goes to eat and drink.  We are so happy our Joey is back to health again.  Thanks to Dr Shane!!!

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Comment by Geri & Sidney on October 9, 2011 at 12:24am
I'm so glad Joey's better! How old is the old fellow?
Comment by Becky S on October 8, 2011 at 12:59pm
Glad to hear all is well, very scary I'm sure.  Brody is the hoover on walks, constantly telling him "leave it" which fortunately is one of the few commands he will obey every time (not just when he chooses)
Comment by Alison Prasavath on October 8, 2011 at 12:16pm
I'm so glad Joey is all better. Thank you for the reminder. Noodles does the exact same thing. I believe I stare at the ground more on walks/jogs than what he does because I'm making sure there is nothing in his path he will attempt to eat.

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