I sweep the main floor of our house daily. Casey and I have a ritual, I take out the broom and she positions herself directly behind my sweeping activities, to supervise of course.

As I sweep, she walks behind me, dropping hair on the floor with each step. I'll complete a full circle around the house, and upon walking back around to where I just swept, find a nice trail of fresh dog hair exactly where I finished sweeping. In 24-hours time, huge hair-balls will have accumulated down the main hallway and in the corners by the end tables of our living room. I could wash and furminate her, vacuum the entire main floor, and wash all her bedding, and in 24-hours there will still be huge hair-balls in every corner of the house.

I love sweeping up her hair into big piles. It's satisfying in a really disgusting kind of way.

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Comment by Elizabeth, Hermione and Luna on June 13, 2010 at 7:17pm
and we have...not only two corgi pups, but also two cats who also shed!

every day is a wardrobe challenge (lint brush, lint roller, run out the door before you can pick up any ambient fluff)
Comment by Avyon on June 13, 2010 at 6:04pm
It really is satisfying isn't it? I love it when it rains and I have to furminate them inside because I have to collect their fur and throw it the trash as I do it. Then see most of it full of dog hair. It makes you feel like you accomplished something hehe!

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