Oops, I posted this originally in the wrong spot. Please forgive me for moving it!

Hi, just wanted to remind everyone that CorgiAid has several fundraisers over the next several weeks. They can be read about on today's post at www.thewatchingstory.blogspot.com. These events all help to raise money for medical help for homeless corgis in need, whether as simple as the homeless corgi getting vaccinated, or as involved as large orthopedic problems. Please check the page and follow the links! I know this is the time we are all looking for special gifts for Christmas for our fellow corgi lovers. Also be sure and get a copy of The Watching, the annual Christmas story that we have printed up this year! If you go down a little in the blog, you will see some more information on that, or you can go to www.corgiaid.org/watching for more information.
Also on this blog is last years Watching story (if you haven't read it or don't know what all the excitement is about). It is the last posting on the list. Be sure and join the blog as a follower for more wonderful corgi stories and fun! And thanks to you all for your support!

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