Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! :)

I am part of a community called "corgilove" on (which is how I found out about, incidentally), but it's great to have an additional place to talk about and see adorable pictures of corgis! I also found a local corgi meet-up group online over the weekend. My husband and I are looking forward to taking Joshua to their next gathering to play with some fellow corgis at the beach!

This weekend we took Joshua to a local dog park, where he had a blast chasing and playing with a couple of big dogs. Does anyone else have a corgi that seems to gravitate toward the big dogs? Hee hee, it's just so funny to see this little guy (he's kind of small, for a cardigan corgi, anyway) jumping up on/around these big dogs, trying to get them to play with him. Joshua is quite a jumper - it's like he has springs under his feet! People at the dog park always laugh and say "Look at that corgi!" when he does that. Either that, or they say "OMG look at those EARS!!" I love corgi ears, and Joshua's are the best (of course I am a little biased).

I also get asked often what kind of dog he is, and sometimes I get skeptical looks from people when I say he is a corgi because he doesn't look like the more common red and white pembrokes they've seen. I try to explain that there are two breeds of corgis and Joshua is a cardigan...but sometimes they still seem like they don't believe me. Too funny!

Later this week Jason and I are going to Las Vegas for a short vacation. It will be the first time since we adopted Joshua 3 months ago that we've both been away from home overnight. My mother-in-law will be staying at our house with him (and the cats) but he is VERY attached to me so we are worried he's going to be really frantic or sad or misbehave, or something, when Jason and I don't come home like we usually do. I feel bad that we're leaving him and I'll miss my little buddy, but I am sure he will be okay. I keep telling my mother-in-law that - she is very worried he is going to freak out. We'll see how it goes, I guess.

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Comment by Wendt Worth Corgi's on March 9, 2009 at 11:26pm
Hello again and welcome. I'll have to check out this corgilove live journal thing. Oh your Corgi isn't going to be happy w/you but he'll be fine. Have a great time. Its nice to get away once in awhile. I'm sure when you get home that will be the exact time Joshua will forgive you. hehe

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