HI all,

I've successfully trained Walnut to use the dog potty everytime he pee and poop as well. But he has this habit, whenever the potty is contaminated with poop, he will not use it anymore. Is this common?

Both myself and husband work from morning till evening. We have an automatic feeder (with timer) to feed Walnut on set time. We do not have problem walking him out in the morning and evening. But the problem occurs during his lunch, where he is left alone. Once he contaminated his potty with poop (even if it is only a small area) he will start peeing at places nearby on the floor.

I am tempted to get another potty for him to place it in another corner of the house, but i do not know whether by doing so, it will further confuse him.

He is just 3 months old recently. is he still too young to hold his bladder?

Appreciate all your inputs and advise.



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Comment by Tze Peng on August 26, 2013 at 12:12am

Hi, my previous comment is not longer 100% true. Walnut is only potty train to pee in his potty. He will just poop around the area nearby his potty this time. He no longer even wanted to poop in his potty.

I am not blaming him, but i guess due to my busy work shedule during the day time could have caused him such behaviour.


Comment by SJK on August 24, 2013 at 9:35am

Three months is still too young to hold a bladder.

My dog was very reluctant to walk in areas of the yard where he had pooped previously. They don't want to step in it as much as we don't. If someone forgot to clean out his corner of the yard he would seek out another place to go.I'm not sure how big the potties are but you could try putting two side by side so there's more clean area for Walnut. Once he knows that two places exist you could probably put them in different places.

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