Eddy Update, Happy Healthy, all that good stuff!

I'm working and going to school full time, but Eddy and I are both happy and healthy. Everyone comments on how well-behaved, smart, and mild-mannered he is when they come over or witness how obedient he is on off leash trips. He has mellowed out in terms of his ferocious mischief-causing rebeldom :) We keep up with each other though and are a perfect match, both requiring lots of exercise, water, and sleep.

He gets along with all types of doggies, and he's turned out to be quite the mature, sometimes cranky 'ol boy. He will bark and chase dogs who are getting too loud or out of hand and annoying him haha. He has to have control of the situation, be the fastest/leader of the race, and in-charge of all the wrestling matches, but will never try to steal a big dog's toy or stand up to dogs he can't handle. In other words, he knows when to lose a fight too. Sadly, he has been bitten soooo many times, and every time the owner admits it was definately their dog who was at fault, not my Eddy, because he has developed this reputation for being a peace-keeper, referee type. How corgi like, with the referee characteristic. Some of the dogs he grew up with have grown out of playing with Eddy - but not Eddy! He gets soo excited whenever he sees a dog he's known for a long time, and wiggles and dances and rolls all over. Of course, he has friends that get just as excited to see him too.

He's very vocal and I can always get him to make funny sounds, especially in the morning when he's griping and refusing to get out of bed. He also likes to howl at sirens, which is soo cute! But in general, he isn't very barky other than when the vacuum is out, or other dogs are playing fetch.

I'm looking forward to the increased jogging, hiking, water sports, road trips, etc., the warm weather will once again bring. We can't wait for summer!

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