Eddy's acting totally crazy but my vet says don't worry

Today it rained tons, maybe something worse is in the forecast? You know how some dogs act crazy when its stormy, when there's lots of activity in the air.

Well Eddy usually excitedly runs around, barks, whines, and hides, in high anxiety and high energy (like how a Jack Russel is 24/7). Or he sleeps through it and never knows. But today I came home from school and my room mate said he'd been acting crazy for the past hour, and it was true. He is shaking like he has Parkinson's disease, is very sedated acting and off-balance, jumpy/easily startled, and can do nothing but lay completely relaxed and still. It is terrible, plus he threw up 1 time! I mean, yes, dogs throw up from time to time but the combination with this shaking thing is troubling. This has been for almost 2.5 hours.

I called the vet and told her the above info, and she said it sounds like normal dog behavior when the weather is like this. She said her dog does this, too, and she invests in a calming aid or some other commercial devices. She said if it escalates do E vet, and if it's the same then bring him in tomorrow morning when they open.

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Comment by GoGoRainbow on January 14, 2010 at 12:30am
I like the idea of crating. Pooka never worried about squirrels or anything when she's in her crate (even though she can see out the window and normally she whines and goes crazy)

Another thing, from when she was small, if there was a thunder storm, I kept a bag of shredded cheese with me and gave her a little every time it thundered (though you couldn't do this as easy if he's already upset since you can't reward being upset. If he calms down, reward). Now she's all grown and she's never been afraid of storms, though that could just be her personality.
Comment by Kari & Jackson on January 13, 2010 at 9:56pm
Maybe he's just being crazy and weird because he's a little sick? I mean, sometimes I cry and shake when I barf....

But all kidding aside, since he's usually normal during this weather I would assume that it has something to do with him feeling under the weather. Har har.
Comment by Mary M on January 13, 2010 at 9:03pm
Poor Eddy, I really feel for you. I had a Lab/Border Collie mix that could predict stormy weather better than the weather man. If there was a storm within 100 miles from my home Ranger would go into a shaking frenzy, hiding under things, panting and slobbering like crazy. It took us a couple years of tranquilizers and calming aids...but they had to be in his system at least an hour before a storm would hit and if it did not storm and he was acting to the barometric pressure that some dogs are very sensitive too...then we felt like we wasted medicine. At my wits end I asked my vet about crating him during these times. She told me that crating would make him feel safer during these episodes. So whenever I knew there was a possible storm during the day or night, I would crate Ranger...he would still shake but not nearly as bad. I asked other dog trainers and
pet handlers during the time that Ranger was still with us and they all favored crating seems that the crate is there safe area...or den area. Now with the Corgi...Radar that we have now his reactions to storms is to bark nonstop. He basically dares the storms to get him. The first time this happened Radar went to the crate and
after a few moments we had peace and quiet!!! I guess the next pet we get won't be named anything to do with weather...I think we will opt for a Barney, Snuggles, or Maggie!!!!

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