Dougal, the glamour coated / fluffy is being brought in for a weigh in next week.He is a BIG boy, so I thought trimming his hair back would make him look less robust.......wrong!. From the rear, he looks like Kim Kardashian,, and the clipping back of all the hair on his belly makes him look like a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. the undertall excuse may not cut it, so he & I will be on a lifestyle mission. He makes me laugh everytime I look at him!

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Comment by Linda on June 6, 2015 at 11:21pm

LOL!  I know what you mean.  Max is a fluffy and he is a BIG corgi.  His paws are as big as the palms of my hands.  A good weight for him is 35-37 lbs and of course with all that fluff he looks even bigger.  He is 13 and has kept his fighting weight all these years.  And lordy, they do look silly when trimmed a lot.

I have to laugh at your description.  We got Max as a rescue when he was 5, he was returned to his breeder thru no fault of his plus he was completely shaved and weighed 54 lbs.  He was described to me as a pot belly pig with a corgi head.

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