yesterday i scratched my big sis because i wanted to play with mom. she's always coming over when i'm around spending time with mom. dad and addie were hugging mom and i felt left out. so i jumped on addie to make my way to mom. i scratched her face right under her eye :( mom and dad got really upset and told me to go away so they can check out addie's face. she had 2 huge scratches on her. mom had to put medicine on them :( i can't help it sometimes. i just want to be part of the action too, i guess. now i really need to mind my paws, especially my nails. today mom was playing with me and my sis came over to play too. i didn't want her to so i pushed her out of the way and she hit her head on the coffee table :( now mom and addie are mad at me. even addie called me a "bad dog" and she's only a toddler. maybe i am jealous :(

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Comment by Susan Stanton on April 3, 2009 at 5:17pm
Oh, I know just how you feel. I was giving my mom a big greeting the other day, and my terrier friend Lili butted in to play with me, so I had to give her a smackdown. My mom was pretty upset -- but it was mostly noise and threats, I just had to make a point. We really do have to understand that our moms have enough love to go around. But it's hard, so hard. --Ethel Barrymore p.s. I have to go to obedience school starting Saturday because I was so rude, think of that!

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