July 25,monday 2011

       today lyra hasn't been up to much. just sleeping. she has sat there. but she got excited when the family began to play a card game. she was so excited she leapt from her spot where she was chewing her tiger toy and decided to try to grab the cards off of the cofee table!!! acording to lyra her olan was working perfectly untill i noticed her and saved the cards! she decided her plan wasnt a fail and that all it needed was a second try! then, she didnt win so she proceded another try this time she decided she would not only grab the cards, but the card box as well! this didnt suceed for lyra either. when we were all done we pulled out another game, where lyra decided to try her card snatch plan once more and failed. she then gave up. she plopped her self down on the couch beside us moving her way over to the cards but then was commanded off the couch were she then sat on the floor sadly chewing her bone and her tiger toy. luckily for liyra, a chunck or my blue rasberry itallian ice fell onto the floor and lyra got a taste of deliciousness. lyra as i am typing just sits in her crate.

 i just now let er' out and she is more sleepy, than rambunctious and playful as she f.r.a.p.s as usual. she is now barking around the house, for some strange noise outside on the balcony upset her. and even when the blinds were shut, she still stuck her little corgi head through. she is a little bothered now as she looks out at whatever started her barking, but decided to stop her noice making and is now sitting looking out at everything and is now growling and barking now that i let her on the balcony so i must go retreive her. that was lyra's day.


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