It's Saturday and I have the whole day free. Anyone got any ideas of what there is to do with a 9 week old puppy in manhattan, KS? Is he too young to go to the dog park? We start puppy classes next week, so should I wait till then to take him to a dog park?

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Comment by Julia on August 3, 2013 at 11:04pm

Dog parks here require dogs to be 6 months old. A wise precaution for lots of reasons. It can take months to fully develop an immunity to parvo, which is found in abundance in the ground in areas where there are lots of dogs. There are also doggy social issues that he's just not ready for.

When he's 6 months old and you look back on this time, I think you'll realize just what a baby he is now!

Comment by Anna Morelli on August 3, 2013 at 4:19pm

Too young for much of anything until his 12 week shots give him better protection than he can have now.  I would not take him to puppy classes either until then.  You can start some puppy training at home.  They are smart at that age and learn quickly, but their attention span is short, they tire easily and still need a lot of sleep and they are not fully protected against disease. !2 weeks still does not insure full protection, but you can take him in places where there is not a lot of dog traffic (like a quiet side street in a residential neighborhood)  Definitly avoid the dog park!

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