It seems I never have enough time to spend with my babies. When I get home from work I can't wait to give them a big hug, and lots of pets. Then we play fetch with the pink squeeky ball. So even if I spend all evening with them its not enough time. Do you think if I call in sick on Monday so I can stay home to hug my babies my boss would understand? I love reading and seeing all the great pictures. It really makes me smile! Keep up the good work. Teresa, Winky and Blinky.

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Comment by WhiteDove on August 13, 2011 at 8:49pm
I work for a Doctor and I'm off on Fridays so I get that extra one day to make it a 3 day weekend. My Doctor knows how important my Pupsters are to me and he knows they are like my children. So when I need time off to be with them for whatever reason, he's very understanding. My Co-worker is married and has children so she too will take time when needed. There's no misunderstanding in our office when time is needed, we get it.

When we didn't have patients scheduled one day, I brought them into the office. They had a great time walking the halls, going to all the employees and making sure they got petted. Some of them knowing I was brining them in brought them treats and toys.

Last Christmas, my Doctor bought these really nice collars from Neiman Marcus for them. He wrote on the card from Uncle Bill. . . .I laughed!!!!!

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