This past week has been soo frustrating and confusing. Eddy's been acting like a terrible little tot.

1.) He's been hardcore teething. Trying to gnaw and shred things he previously had no interest in, like paper and his leash.
2.) He's been barking!!!! Aaaugh, annoying. Just looks at us and goes, "YARP!"
3.) He's been puking. He threw up twice 2 days ago, and once this morning. But he doesn't act woozy or lethargic or anything, and his appetite for food and water is fine, so I'm not overly worried. But I almost feel like he does it for attention. Almost. Any thoughts on this one?
4.) He's been eating stuff off the ground, again, something he hasn't done since he was a tiny wobbling pup. Stick, leaves, fallen food, burrs. He lost interest in that crap over a month ago!! GRRR.

Mike and I can tell he's going through some phase, hormonal growth or whatever. 'Cause he is not acting like himself. So we're not terribly surprised, we are more focused on trying to use his mis-behaving-phase to re-enforce the house rules and dominance. Of course, we're giving him more hardcore chewies, more love and cuddling, longer walks. But it doesn't change his BARKING!!! or puking... or eating ground stuff... Sigh.

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Comment by Sunni A. on June 6, 2009 at 6:45pm
We feed him 3x day. He's almost 5 mos. He never bites hands, so I will try some gum massage. Thanks for the reassurance about puking, he did it 3x and hasn't since, so it was probably a weird thing off the ground, like most of you said. Can't wait to get past this phase.. and onto the next!! Haha
Comment by Amanda on June 6, 2009 at 8:00am
He could very well be throwing up because of the things he's eating off the ground. Dax loves to pick up anything and everything he can and swallow it before I even notice it's gone, then you'll see him 5 minutes later coughing and sometimes he'll throw up. When he was a puppy he would throw up when he hadn't eaten anything. How many times a day do you feed Eddy? How old is he? You may need to feed him (same amount) but break it up into three meals a day if you only feed him once or twice. That made Dax feel better. I also use the leave it/drop it command for when he finds stuff on the ground, but sometimes I don't see him pick it up. Dax is over a year old and he hasn't grown out of that yet. He LOVES dirt, and it makes me crazy.

He's teething, so he's going to chew, and he's going to chew EVERYTHING. Make sure you have some good soft and hard toys (so he can decide which he likes better) that he could focus his attention on. I used to rub Dax's gums (sounds weird I know), but he loved it. It made it feel better I believe. If your dog has a problem with biting, however, I wouldn't suggest doing this, because you're basically putting your finger in their mouth and letting them chew on you. It did make him feel better though. He could have all the energy in the world but if I rub on his gums he would just lay on his back with his eyes closed and his mouth open. It was really cute actually.

Good luck with the chewing, just make sure there's plenty of toys around to chew on, try freezing his toys, cold toy + teething puppy = bliss. :)
Comment by Kyle, Megan and Loki on June 6, 2009 at 7:13am
Mine discovered barking at about 4 months, he gets frustrated when he wants attention and does what you are describing in #2.

Mine has always loved paper to tear up, however as far as teething goes that sounds pretty normal, I have been lucky (and only lost the bottom corners of my couch prior to the teething stage, nothing major)

Care to share how you got him to stop eating stuff off the ground that young? Lately I've been using a leave it command as some here recommend. It seems to help a lot, tell them leave it, if they don't touch it / drop it if they had it, give them a treat.

Mine has thrown up a few times during thing but is always fine, no weirdness to it, no apparently sickness. Just had a little bout yesterday, think we may have overfed him (although this happens well after feeding time, bout 4 hours) so more than likely might just be something he got at outside. I usually give it a few days and then start to decide what I am going to do (often sort of a 1 spurt thing on my end)
Comment by Boo Buchheit on June 6, 2009 at 6:12am
I would not think vomiting is normal. Check with your vet.
Comment by Sam Tsang on June 5, 2009 at 7:59pm
Very normal for his age, it's call the teenage period :) Be consistent, continue with your schedule, reinforce what you teach him, be patient, this stage shall pass. 1. continue to replace object with appropriate replacement. 2. ignore the bark, stand up, stick your nose in the air, you can also use a can of penny or water bottle squirt. 3. No, very rarely do they do that for attention, keep your eyes on what he put in his mouth at all times, especially during walks. stay away from storm drains. 4. exercise, discipline then affection, a tired corgi is a well behave corgi. Keep up the good work, we've all been there :)

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