I've finally bought my ticket for Spain. July 7th puppy and I will be flying to Spain and not coming back. ( for awhile) My fiance and I bought a house in Murcia, Spain ( his hometown) and I've got a job lined up as an English teacher there.
For the past weeks I have been researching what is necessary to enter the European Union with an animal.
I did a lot of research and consulted with my vet (aka my dad) about what is the best type of dog for me. He recommended a corgi. Some of his favorite patients are corgis! So we picked out and paid for puppy last week. He's a adorable little tri colored Pembroke from a nice breeder in Sumner Iowa.

I would have waited and gotten a Corgi in Spain, but I nor my mother-in-law have never seen one there. I found a Pembroke breeder that lived in Ibiza an Island off of Spain. There was the option to find one in England and fly over and pick it up. But it would cost the same or more for the special flight and to carry the pup on board, plus the price in pounds would be immense! So it's best to have an Iowa grown puppy.

There are age/breed restrictions for entering there. Puppy has to be 12 weeks old ( old enough to have his first rabies shot) and it cost 150$ to take him on board the plane with me. Short nosed breeds like pugs are not allowed to fly. I think only in the summer though. Plus he has to be small enough to fly in a kennel that is 18x12x12. Plus they only allow 4 animals in the main cabin so you have to make a reservation ahead of time for the pet or else you could have big problems! The puppy has to be seen by a vet. ( my dad is a vet! save on the bills there! ) Then the customs paper work he fills out has to be sent to the USDA office in Des Monies to be stamped there. But that's not all! He needs a microchip, not avid or homeagain. He needs one that has the same output as the ones they use in the EU. So we had to order these special microchips for them (our cats are going to Spain too)

So after all this research and calling airlines to find the best way to fly with a pup, and how to fly with a pup. I finally have my ticket and a reservation for puppy. All of this and I don't even get to take the little guy home until May 22nd! 4 weeks!!

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