Ellie's AKC registration form has finally arrived in the mail (yay!) and it's, thankfully, not as complicated as I thought it would be.  The only area that I'm slightly unsure of is the Limited Registration area.  It says that the box should be completely darkened for Limited Registration, but all I see is a number in the box.  I'm assuming that means that it will, indeed, be Limited and the box isn't supposed to be colored in.  Not that it matters, since I'll be having her spayed in a couple of months.


We've been discussing names for her registration and I sort of regret not calling her Daisy.  She's definitely not a Daisy, but what a great AKC name I had for that.  She would've been "Dollop Of Daisy."  That darned jingle always gets stuck in my head!  But since she's an Ellie, my husband has suggested "Lady Ellington Frapsworth, III."  He claims that the "III" makes her sound more like she's from an established (royal) lineage and, I have to admit, I have yet to come up with something better.  Do any of you have any creative suggestions?  We want a fun name, but nothing too far out there.


My other furry friend, Yuki, is having some issues which I suspect are being caused by a food allergy.  His hair is falling out and he has started licking his front paws more frequently.  And this, of course, has become noticeable just when we can't get him to the Vet's office for the next week or two.  So I'll be switching him from his fish-based TotW over to the lamb-based Sierra Mountain formula.  His Science Diet food used to be lamb & rice so I know he's okay with lamb.  Hopefully it's not some other ingredient, like potato, that's the real culprit.  His skin is otherwise fine (dry, but it's been that way his adult life), though, and he's his normal self.  I'm still going to have the Vet check him to be sure, though.

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Comment by Krystle (Luna & Twinkie!) on July 30, 2011 at 11:16am
I like the names that others are suggesting to you.  Luna's is Ada Luna de Royal Hearts - basically Fairy Moon of Royal Hearts.
Comment by Donna and Lilly on July 29, 2011 at 8:49pm

The number in the box for the limited registration is supposed to be there.  You only fill it in for limited.  I did my registration on line.  It was alot easier and very quick! 

Lilly's registered name is...wait for it.... "AWESOME CUTENESS THAT IS TIGER LILLY"  and yes it is in all caps on her papers!!  lol.

Oh and you can always have her be, Duchess Daisy Ellington Frapsworth.  Stick the Daisy in there somewhere! 

Comment by Ellen Andersen on July 29, 2011 at 4:20pm
I like the Lady Ellington Frapsworth III but I think I'd change the Frapsworth to Frapsalot!

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