Our little Corgi boy is now almost 4 months old...he sleeps in mom and dads room under the bed. Our 15 year old son Nikolas gets up during the school week to feed the horses at 5:20 AM and takes Remington to go potty every morning. (this allowed mom and dad an extra hour of sleep) he would then put the puppy back in our room. Remington would sleep until the alarm went off at 6:30. He would then race around to my (moms) side of the bed and whine. I would pick him up and he would give monring kisses and snuggles to mom and dad... NOW he whines at the bed at 5:30 after coming in from going potty with Nik - once on the bed he gives kisses and snuggles until 6:30!!! Remington refuses to get out of bed until he hears the alarm...He then barks at the edge of the bed to be lifted down to go wake up Haydn...She is our 9 year old daughter and his best friend. Once down, he races into Haydn's room to awaken her with kisses and snuggles.... None of us have the heart to not do his morning routine.....This is the only time of the day that he is a cuddler....BUT we do miss sleeping in......


What creatures of habbit corgi's are......


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