Seeing as how its been FOREVER since I've posted I figure I might as well take some time to do it. It's been a great couple of months since I brought Mac home back in November. Since then he has traveled to the West side and played at the beach, traveled to Cali and met a bunch of friendly corgi's and come back home to finally get settled into life around E-burg. He is now around 16 pounds *im adding a pound or two since its been a few weeks since we went to the vets* but he is a very healthy muscled little boy. He is slowly turning red all over his shoulders, around his neck and on top of his head though I am thinking he may end up keeping some speckling through out the top part of his head with black and red. Its certainly making for an interesting pattern. His little feet are of course still white and his heart is still the purest gold.
Mac has so far learned how to lay down, roll over, sit, Come *inside, still working on outside* he can fetch, bring it back, and drop very well. Though dropping it at your feet seems to be something that is going to take him a while. I am going to be trying to get him into a class this Spring when my school schedule allows. Right now I have been up to my ears and above in homework. I actually have a speech due on Monday that I should probably read through a bit more and make a powerpoint for, as well as being the cartoonist for my school newspaper holding down a job as a custodian for our school rec center, and of course making every possible ounce of time for Mac.
Life has been good but busy and I'm sure it will continue that way.

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