So we made it through the first week of having our new corgi pup and I hate to say it but it was a cinch! I'm so proud of our little girl! She already stays in her kennel at night and in the morning without crying. When we first got her she would cry in the morning when she woke up but now she sits quitely and plays with her toys until we get up.

I'm proud to say that at just over 7 weeks our little one is essentially potty trained. The only accidents we have are when she is playing and doesn't realize until its too late that its time to potty. And it doesn't really count because she is running for the door but just cant hold it long enough. =)

She also knows her name now. She comes when we call her and she now knows the word "drop" very well. I was surprised that it took only 15 minutes to teach her the meaning of drop and her retaining it even the next day. She is definitely smart as a whip.

I'm really proud of Max our first corgi who is 3. At first he hated her. He was mad that "mom and dad" weren't giving him their undivided attention. Even though he didn't like her, he kind of took it as his personal duty to protect her. It's like he knew that she meant a lot to us. It surprised me when max (the most sweetest unaggressive dog ever) stood between her play pen and a strange dog and growled a warning to stay away. He is a good protector and even though it took this long he is FINALLY happy with her and is playing with her like he just cant live without her another day.

As far as Zoey and the cat go.....well....they have been best buddys since day one. They can't stop playing. And Tika(our female cat) can't stop tackling Zoey and holding her down just to make sure she has had her daily momma cat cleaning. Check out my videos and you'll get a kick out of those two.

All in all I must say that I am quite happy with our new family member and I can honestly say that our little family feels quite complete.

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Comment by Ellen Andersen on May 24, 2011 at 9:10am

Thank you for the wonderful update!  Looks like things are going are making me want to get a puppy so badly!  LOL...well, no chance of that...three's enough for now.  So glad the furfamily is getting along.


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