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At 3:10pm on May 18, 2014, LA Stewart said…
At 12:28pm on May 11, 2014, LA Stewart said…

Glad to see your RSVP to CORGI-CON!

Right now the weather web sites say that Saturday should be sunny and cool.  Sounds perfect!  Hope that is right!


At 6:05pm on September 5, 2013, LA Stewart said…

I see you got your puppy!

He's very pretty.  Where did you find him?

My boy, Will, is a talker too.  I wonder if that is a male thing.  Wynne barks a lot, but does not do other vocalizationslike Will.  He makes sounds that I have not heard other dogs do.

Congrats!  I'm glad your Corgis are getting along well.


At 10:56am on August 12, 2013, Lori A. Haskett said…

Hi your friend request...just love your pics...I'm sure you all ready know this but you have such awesome babies... have to say I'm real bad about staying in touch on here even though I absolutely love this site...I'll try to keep checking in to see if we can connect...all the best Lori, Calli and Cooper

At 11:47am on June 8, 2013, LA Stewart said…

Wow!  I just noticed you changed your icon.

With all the puppy talk, I did not want to ask you if you saw the Faery Tails event on the main page.  But since you will not ahave a new puppy to take care of, you might consider going to the event as well.  I have never been to it myself, but we plan to go this year.  It is on Saturday, June 15.  It will be at the AKC Dog Museum in St Louis.  I have always wanted to check out the museum anyway, so this is a way to see the museum and meet with a bunch of Corgis too.  It will be making money for a Corgi rescue group.  If you are not totally sold on the idea of a puppy you could also talk to them about rescue Corgis.


At 9:35am on June 7, 2013, LA Stewart said…

Super!  Let me know when you pick up your new puppy.

I understand wanting to have the summer to work on potty training and such.  That is how I planned it with Wynne 4 years ago.  I am off in the summer because I work as an interpreter for the deaf at Champaign schools. I started looking for a breeder in February and my husband thought I was crazy.  I started talking to my breeder in March.  Wynne was born April 7 and we were able to take her home the last week in June.  (We went to Hawaii for 2 weeks and then picked her up when we returned. I told my husband the only way he would get me to leave Hawaii was if a puppy was waiting for me!)


At 12:38am on June 7, 2013, LA Stewart said…

I still have not heard from Pippa's mom.

I wrote her again tonight to make sure I did not have a lost E-mail.

I did find their kennel online.  Here is the link....

At 2:05pm on June 5, 2013, LA Stewart said…

No word yet from Pippa's breeders, but I did get more info from her new mom...

I'll let you know when I hear anything back from David and Larry.  They are with Gaylord Kennels, Gateway chapter of the PWCCA. I found my breeders through the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America.  Your friend may want to try here as well.

At 10:47pm on June 4, 2013, LA Stewart said…

THIS was Pippa ...

She was picked up the night before CORGI-CON.  So the new mom brought her to the outside of the fence so we could all see this cute pup. 

She wrote the breeder to ask if there were any more puppies available.  When I hear from her, I will let you know.  I also asked Pippa's mom to ask the breeder if it was OK to give you her E-mail.

It would be great if that worked out then the 2 pups could visit each other.


At 6:41pm on June 4, 2013, LA Stewart said…

I heard from Pippa's mom.  Is St Louis too far?

I believe that there were puppies remaining.  There
were only 2 males and I think one was spoken for.  Of the 4 females, 2 were
placed.  Not sure how many are left.  I can ask if your friend is interested in
potentially traveling to St. Louis.

At 5:38pm on June 4, 2013, LA Stewart said…

WOW!  She did not save your little boy and then she kept the deposit?  That is unbelievable.  Did you ask for the money back?

I just wrote the woman that had the little puppy on the outside of the dog fence at CORGI-CON to see if there were any more pups left in that litter.  If I hear from her I will let you know.

My breeder is in Iowa and I don't know if she is having a litter this year.  Plus, Wynne was $800 and that was 4 years ago, so that would probably be out of your price range.


At 8:45am on June 4, 2013, LA Stewart said…

So, I am dying to hear if you got the new puppy!


At 6:24pm on May 19, 2013, LA Stewart said…

Nicole, I am going thru my contacts from CORGI-CON. 

I am entering all the new E-mails and such in my account.  Is your last name DesJardins? Do I have that right? 


At 12:08am on May 13, 2013, Stephanie said…

Hi, Nicole.  The Corgi family you met today at Petsmart is that of my son, Kevin, of Champaign.  He is a member of this forum, too.  His little female Corgi is Kallie.  Channing is an adorable Corgi and I love the photos of her you have on this site. 

If you are looking for a good breeder and you don't mind a good drive to Missouri, Fortin's Pembroke Welsh Corgi's,

She also has a Facebook page, .

She has two puppies still available from her latest litter, both tri females.  She has a good number of breeding females and usually has two or three litters each summer.  We purchased Kallie from her and she has stayed in touch with us constantly checking up on how Kallie is doing.   Kallie is a smart, well-adjusted, healthy and happy Corgi.  Kevin has a male tri which he has purchased from her and will be picking him up in June.  She used to breed and raise Tennessee Walking Horses, but I don't think she is doing that anymore.   Her kennel is in Missouri, just West of St. Louis. 

My husband and I will be joining Kevin at the CorgiCon.  We all hope to see you there.


At 4:57pm on May 10, 2013, LA Stewart said…

By the way, RSVP on the Main Events Page for CORGI=CON.  I always figure if more people say they are coming others might see that and decide to make an effort to come too.

Thanks.  Lisa

At 7:50am on May 10, 2013, LA Stewart said…

Super!   I am so glad that we will get a chance to meet.  This year maybe we should get a list of people in our area who want to meet at the park on other dates thru the year for small get togethers.  Let me know what you think. 

I was afraid that you had not even seen the event since there has not been a lot of activity on your page.  I tend to stop checking MyCorgi when all the picnics and such are over in the fall and not start up again until March when I start organizing for CORGI-CON.

NOW we just have to hope for GOOD WEATHER!


At 7:52am on May 9, 2013, LA Stewart said…

Hoping to meet you at CORGI-CON May 18th.  Will you be joining us?

Urbana Dog Park from Noon - 4pm.  Check out the details on the Main Page EVENTS.


At 12:06pm on October 13, 2012, LA Stewart said…

I canceled the Illinois Corgi Picnic due to the weather.

I wanted to make sure you knew so you did not drive to Freeport on Sunday.

I wrote the statement below and added it to the event's discussion....

Yes, we need to cancel the picnic. :(

The shelter manager wrote me yesterday and again today and stated that it is supposed to rain all weekend and that she just assumed that we would not be having the picnic this weekend. So I wrote and told her that we will cancel.

The weather now says.... Occasional showers and possibly a thunderstorm before 1pm, then a chance of showers. Temperature rising to near 64 by 10am, then falling to around 56 during the remainder of the day. South wind 10 to 15 mph becoming west in the afternoon. Winds could gust as high as 20 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New rainfall amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible.

So it will be windy as well as wet.

I like Stephanie's idea of sending a donation to Friend's Forever Shelter. I was thinking of doing that myself last night. Then the dog food, treats, and the paper towels I have purchased will go to my local shelter next week.

Sorry, guys. Mother nature did not cooperate this year.


At 12:42pm on July 26, 2012, LA Stewart said…

Nicole.  I live in Chamapign as well!  I was so excited to see you lived HERE!

I did not see you at CORGI-CON.  Did you hear about that?  I see that you joined MyCorgi right after that event.  It was announced on TV.  It was in the newspaper.  I put up flyers. It was on all the online calendars of events (News Gazette, WCIA, WICD, FOX, CU Events Calendar)

I hosted CORGI-CON on May 19 this year.  It was at the Urbana Dog Park.  It was the FIRST in Central Illinois.  We had 23 Corgis so I plan to do it again next year.  Hope you will come o the next one.  If you want to send me your E-mail address, I can sent you a CORGI-CON flyer next year.  Send it to  (That is the E-mail I use for that event only.  It is not my personal account, so I don't check it often. )

Anyway, I hope to see you this October at the Illinois Corgi Picnic.  It is a 3 1/2 hour drive, but worth it.  Your little Channing will have a blast!  I attended my first Corgi Picnic in Wisconsin last year.  (This year their picnic is September 8.  It is a 4 hour drive from Champaign.)  Then I partnered with another woman from MyCorgi to set up the Illinois Corgi Picnic last fall.  So many people said why can't we have something closer, so I created CORGI-CON in Urbana.

Be sure to RSVP to the Illinois Corgi Picnic under events on the main page of MyCorgi. It is always great to have a lot of feedback.  It shows people that there is a lot of interest in the event and they may have to check it out too.


At 5:21pm on July 4, 2012, WhiteDove said…

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