Teggie barks for the first time, the first time she meets Ricco the Lovebird

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Comment by Melissa Bee on May 11, 2009 at 3:59pm
I love this video. I have a Goffin Cockatoo, Duffy, who has lived w/ me for 21 years and is a real character, including wanting to be friends w/ all the species in the house. He used to groom my cat, Spook, all the time. Skeezix is still getting accustomed to a moving thing that he can't pounce. He does lick Duffy's crest, and of course Duffy is always coming over to pester Skeez. Duffy can put Skeez on his good behavior, however: I heard a yelp and Duffy had bitten Skeez "gently (for a parrot) on his inquisitive nose through the cage bars.

I have a video of the 2; now all I need to do is patiently read my 4 year old camera's instructions for transferring it to my hard drive!

Hope you all are well. I'm done w/ school so now I truly am my zoo's support staff, catering to almost their every wish. They won't even consider bringing me my slippers!

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