My Tiny Tim is a rescued dog that came to me through Chihuahua rescue. He appears to be Corgi and some other small dog mix. Does anyone else have a dog that looks like him?

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How old is he?
In the pictures he was about 3 mo. He's 6 month
s now.
I don't honestly know about dog breeds. I just thought the age might be helpful to anyone responding. He does look like a chihuahua in the profile pic, though. Good luck!
Who knows what he is? But he's cute as can be!
yep! he definately looks like he has 'hua in him. hes got the tail and the look in his eyes. i work at a vet center and am used to IDing dogs. he surely looks like a corg'hua!
Thanks for the expert opinion!
I also am a vet assistant and agree that Tiny Tim most definitely looks to be a Corgihua. Just absolutely adorable.
I have a Corgi/Chihuahua and I've been trying to get people to start calling them "perroenano" which is Spanish (for the Chi part) for "Dwarf Dog." If you translate "dwarf dog" into Welsh (for the Corgi part) you get, litterally, "Corgi"

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