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How common are overbites in Corgis?

I'm trying to find out if any of you guys have or know of a Corgi with an overbite. An overbite is when the top jaw is longer than the bott…

Started by Starry

0 on Saturday

Is a corgi suitable for me?

Hi Everyone, I am new here and new to corgis so I would really really appreciate your thoughts. In advance I apologize for the essay. My…

Started by Natsuhi Shirosaki

31 Feb 20
Reply by Ran Tao

Mixed Corgi?

Hi everybody! So, a couple weeks ago, I adopted my little girl. When I was receiving her, the breeder told me she was 8 weeks old and was…

Started by Jeff Choi

25 Feb 8
Reply by Carl Koch

Mini Corgi?

Hi there,  I have a 10 month old female Corgi named Lucille who weighs 12lbs. I got her from a BYB at 5.5 weeks old because her mother wee…

Started by Lexsey Lanzotti

7 Jan 14
Reply by Denis J.

So You Think You Want a Corgi

I've been wanting to write this for awhile and just found the time.  I hope people find it helpful.  I've gathered my information from pers…

Started by Beth

79 Dec 7, 2014
Reply by Carl Koch

General Corgi Temperament and Learning Potential

First, to be clear, I am not saying my dog is smarter than any other dog, or at least not smarter than any other corgi, but I really do won…

Started by Holly

29 Oct 5, 2014
Reply by Jane Christensen

Before and After puppy and adult pictures

I didn't take a lot of puppy pictures, but I put this together to show how a RHT color changes. Do you have pics of your adult dog and thei…

Started by Snickmom

109 Oct 4, 2014
Reply by Samantha de Jager

so what is the deal with blue merl pembroke corgis?

I'm getting a red pem in March and I want to try and get a blue merl corgi after cardigan or pem and i know a breeder who does blue merl pe…

Started by Ashlie

3 Sep 29, 2014
Reply by Jane

Anyone else with a Pem that has a 2"or larger tail?

My picture isn't the best quality but I have a few more, my guy has a weird like nubby tail that isn't cut to breed standard. I was wonder…

Started by Kay White

11 Aug 22, 2014
Reply by Kay White

question on getting a corgi

Hi corgi fans and corgi experts., Me and my husband are seriously considering to adding a corgi (cardigan) to our family ( no kids yet). W…

Started by Esther

18 Aug 20, 2014
Reply by Jane Christensen


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