Picking Our Puppy; How To Know What the Colors/Personalities Will Be

Hello all!

This is my very first post on MyCorgi and I had a few questions for you experienced breeders/owners. We have first pick of 5 male Pembroke Tri-colored Corgis. Our breeder lives about 8 hours away from us and with our schedules it will be hard for us to visit before actual pick-up day. We can pick our puppy via pictures, videos and Skype but are concerned that we wont be able to tell the colors/personality of the puppy that we want. Anyone have experience doing the picking process this way or have some tips on how to go about picking the right pup under these circumstances? She says they are all red headed tris but she mentioned that 2 weeks after they were born so I'm confused how she would know that early. Both parents look like they were BH tri-colored RHT. How old should they be before picking them so to see the color and personalities better?

Any other suggestions you might have please let me know! Thanks!

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All my corgis have been red/white tho even those can change color patterns.  All my corgis have been adults thru the same breeder.  Talk to the breeder, tell her your lifestyle and what you hope for your puppy...maybe obedience, agility, show or just a happy go lucky couch snuggler. Do you like to hike, take trips?  All my corgis have been thru the same breeder and as we have talked with her she now understands our lifestyle she has never been wrong in choosing any of her adult dogs for us.  The only time we actually got a puppy (Irish wolfhound) from a breeder she spent a lot time talking to us on several occasions to understand what we were looking for and she choose the puppy for us as she got to know their personalities.  She picked the perfect one for us. 

If you have picked an experienced breeder, I would rely on the breeder to match you up with the right personality, as Linda says.  The breeder knows her puppies and her lines best and a good breeder wants to make a good match.  Color is not as important as personality.  Chose color only if there is no clear personality recommendation. After that, do the things with the pup that will help it become what you envision.  The same puppy, in the hands of different families, will turn out differently.  Personality is just  starting point, the rest is up to you.

I would let her know what your life style is, do you have anymore animals, by then your pup will change some but if they are all red headed tris they won't look to different.

Do you want a pup that is very outgoing? What is your life style? You'd be surprised how fast you can pick out the ones that are more laid back etc. I would probably pick a couple of faves and ask her their personalities...when I used to breed many years ago I had a couple who got one pup and then another sibling a few years later...very different personalities...I kept Sage(my own pup) for a Therapy dog and she has a look alike sis that is also a Therapy dog...I knew by their personalities the chances were good for this.

The main thing is also starting to train right away. Crate training is a must I believe, puppy classes and the time frame for getting pups used to noises,people other animals is short so please socialize as soon as possible(but slowly) after shots though if other animals or if you know the other animals have them. The more effort you have put in will pay off. 


I can't get all my comments to show up so have to do this separately. Breeders can usually tell at an early age which pups will become red headed tris and which wont. My 9 month old pup was black headed as a baby but is now fading. The breeder can also give you an idea of the puppies future  personalities so let them know what traits are important to you. As you are new to corgis you might want a more laid back one. I would not get a pup before 9 to 10 weeks. Check out utube videos of Zak George and kikopup for training ideas. Please see if there are any positive method trainers in your area for when your pup is older. Enjoy!

Bev, that can't be the black and white pup, the Cardigan you posted pictures of before and is on your profile ?!?!

No Anna this is Lexi our Pembroke we got last March. The one on my profile is Watson our Cardigan.

I missed that you'd gotten another pup, so I thought I was loosing it, Lol   Couldn't imagine Watson had changed that much. Congratulations on the new addition.

If you look at the pics on here I just posted a picture of Livvy who is a black headed try. You can see the difference here.


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