Do you any know famous corgis owners? or featured in films, TV or media?
Let me get this list started :)

Jennifer Aniston and her Corgi mix "Norman"

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Hi Sam
The only famous person I know is the Queen she has quite a few Corgi's


Helen Mirren from "The Queen"

One of the Royal Corgis and servant
How about the Queen of England!

There are the queen's corgis

And here's a pic of film THE QUEEN, starring Helen Mirren, there was a guest appearance of the four corgi stars of the film and their trainer and owner, Liz.

The Queen's dogs leave an aircraft of The Queen's Flight from Aberdeen at Heathrow Airport.

Corgis roaming in the palace

The Queen has excellent tatse. I wonder if there is special staff for all the corgi hair??????? LOL
One of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends, Kendra, has a corgi :)

I new she had a corgi. One day it caught my eye.
This is where I first saw a Corgi & fell in LOVE with them... my thanks to Kendra!!!
I just saw the show last night (nothing on :0) ) and I saw the corgi running around! She gets props for that!
what show?


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