hi all,

hoping someone can help out. our keahi has developed a rash of sorts on his belly. its near his genital area, sort of around his man-nipples - but only on one side. it started off as orange spots, but now there are signs of scabbing and dryness. I know he liked to lick/bite that area before the rash formed - maybe it started because of it and got infected? we want to stop it before it gets worse so if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for treatment, it would be much appreciated!

ed, stacy and keahi

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If he's got scabbing, you'll probably need something from the veterinarian to clear it up (probably oral or topical antibiotic) as well as to help identify the cause.
Daisy and I recently went to the dog park and the next day there were little orange pimple-looking things on her belly. We were going to the vet anyway, but the vet said she may have just walked through some prickly brush or just a little skin irritation. Daisy's didn't scab over, but they have almost disappeared. Hope it's nothing bad!
A few days after a trip to the dog park, I noticed Sidney has light reddish scabs on his underside near his back legs. He licks this area often. I've double-checked that he has no fleas. It just seems to be a minor skin irritation (no swelling or oozing). Can anyone recommend anything I can put on it that will give him some relief, that is safe if he licks it?
my dog had this bt in his back nd it might be irritation i dnt think its infected bt i bought my dog this shampoo of oatmeal nd it is especially made for dry and itchy skin soo itll sooth it my dog got better in a few weeks or days :)


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