We will be picking up Penelope on the weekend of May 17th. However, I am getting the last things we will need for her arrival this weekend. I have a plastic travel/airplane type crate, this will pretty much be used whenever she has to go somewhere (I often drive and run errands on my own). I also have a big wire crate for the house for when we are at work and she can sleep in it. I consulted the breeder for the sizes before I bought those. I have food and water dishes that she also suggested that attach to the wire crate. I have a puppy blanket for her too, and a bed. I have a couple of toys, but the Kong I got will be a little big for her right now I think. She will be exactly 11 weeks when we pick her up. So, what kind and size toys should I get her for this age? Also, what size/type (i.e., nylon, leather, etc.) collar should I get her for this age? Finally, what about leads or a leash, some ppl like the retractables, some more traditional ones...which is best? I'll get food from the breeder when we pick her up and she told me we'd discuss what kind would be best for her when we go there. I'll take suggestions on treats though. Is there any other essential that I'm missing right now? I'd appreciate anything anyone would suggest! Thanks!

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I couldn't tell you what kind of toys to get... I'm in the same boat! I guess I would say get something hard and something soft. I have heard that the nylabone puppy fish work wonders. They are SO ugly though. Nylabone also makes a puppybone (I can't get one because I have an adult dog in the house). I bought a few stuffed toys but some puppies may destroy them. You can always try them as long as you supervise. I personally really like the retractable leashes. However, at this stage in the game a traditional nylon leash is probably the best choice. Puppies need to learn how to walk on a leash. The lighter they are the better. If having your dog walking right by your side is important then definetly don't go with a retractable leash. Collar size really varies. I was told that the 8"-`14" size is appropriate for corgis that are a bit younger (say 8-15 weeks). However, my guy is a giant and the collar that I bought him is a joke! I would say call and ask the breeder for advice on your specific pup. Again, I prefer nylon for collars. They are light and can't be destroyed NEARLY as easy as leather. Lupine makes some really cute collars and they have a lifetime guarantee. Even against chewing! It's amazing. They are slightly more expensive but well worth it. Good luck!
I always recommend a ball. There's one called "Hollee Ball", comes in various shapes and is safe to use around the house (not a solid ball). You might pick up a latex stuffed toy which comes in puppy sizes, and a stuffed toy. Then once Penelope starts playing you can figure out what she likes best and get several different types of that toy. Play with the toys one at a time and keep a safe one in her crate for her to play with. I would get some type of chew toy also, because when she starts with the chewing on your hand, you'll want to have a good alternative to give her and spare the skin on your hands and arms! LOL

I agree on a nylon leash right now, since pups seem to want to chew them when they're first learning how and what they're for. They're also much lighter and easier to attach to yourself for those times when you're trying to do something in the kitchen and can't watch her (tether). Later I would recommend a leather leash. Much easier on the hands and last forever!

I have a collar fettish and Timmy has almost as many as I have t-shirts (lots). I donate those he outgrows to a local rescue and they appreciate it.

Are you able to spend the days with her or will you be having her stay in an exercise pen while you're working? If she'll be in an ex-pen, you'll want to pick up some pee pee pads too.

For treats, I would use the smallest size you can find. Zukes are an excellent one. They make one called Mini Naturals that are the perfect size. Also, Natural Balance makes small bite size treats.

Good luck and hope to see lots of pictures of Penelope in the coming weeks.
I have heard that the retractable leashes teach the dogs to pull when they walk because of the need for resistance on the lead. I would stick with a traditional leash for this reason. I am still waiting for my pup to be ready to come home, they were born 5/4, so that's all the advice I can give! I will be anxious to hear everyone else's advice though!
Hmm, Oakley doesn't pull on her retractable. I would think that if a dog is going to pull on a retractable they would pull on a normal leash too. They just wouldn't have as far to go before they start pulling. I like the retractable but they're not right for everyone! Have you picked out a puppy yet Danielle?
We ended up going with a different breeder, long story, and brought Kara home yesterday! It's going great. Thanks for asking!


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