What is the one thing your Corgi does that makes you very angry!

Cheez-it has a thing for tree-roots. There is a single tree in our normal potty-spot that has roots exposed above ground and he cannot help himself but to stop and chew them. Sometimes seperating a root and chewing it so it appears he is eating something. At night when I cant particularly tell what he is doing and it seems that he is just eating things off the ground (mabye poop, who knows) and he refuses to stop until I come over and pick him up because no manner of slight tugs on the leash will stop him.... Oh it drives me insane. He also gets real nasty when I pick him up as if to say "What are you doing? Cant you see I was busy there?" with a growly smirk on his face. I literally get angry lol. How about your pooch?

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Sid hides his chewies in the sofa then goes to steal them from the other dogs. He has quickly learned that he is much faster than the old guys. I hate having Sidney hoard all the chewies while the old guys go without. At least now I know to dig into the sofa cushions to redistribute them!
Mia decided that industrial staples would be a good treat! It was one of the worst days of our lives! Vet visits, overnite stays...lotsa bills to say the least. She likes to find anything and everything that is non-edible. Tissues, sticks, children's toys...the list goes on forever. She also does this under-her-breath growling at Bill. Whenever she has a bone or whatever interesting she has found she becomes obsessed over it, idolizing it, she protects it so that no dog can touch it. Its crazy annoying!
When she doesn't eat her food. It drives me nuts because she's starting to beg at us and our Borzoi for our food while she has a whole bowl of food in front of her. Nothing else riles me up but that! UGH!! Sometimes she is such a brat. Lol!
Sully is extremely well-mannered but I get annoyed when he hovers around my feet. Especially when I'm carrying a full basket of laundry or a cat carrier or something big and clumsy. He's very needy and clings like glue but sometimes I just need some room to move my feet! I get tired of shuffling around just so I don't step on corgi toes!
Okay so about Arby... It just ticks me off when I tell him not to do something so then 5 seconds later he's back to doing the next pain the *** thing teehee. Then I say NO and he looks at me with big sad eyes like "I'm Sorry Mommy!" then as soon as I turn my head, he's back to it again, as if our last conversation never took place. His stubborness is what gets me!
Mocha have been my reliable alarm clock, he wakes me up around 7 in the morning, rain or shine, he does not adjust to day light savings time or let me sleep in in the weekends. Mocha is also hydrophobic, so I have to stand there in the rain with him to do his business.
Even Charlie's most annoying behavior doesn't make me mad. I just have to laugh at him sometimes to keep my sense of humor when he is "just acting like a normal dog". An occassionally stubborn, independent, currently teenage, typical headstrong Corgi dog. His latest most laughable behavior is stopping in front of every single house while we're out for our walk. He digs his heels in and doesn't want to move forward until he is finished sniffing something invisible to us humans on a patch of grass (I expect it is other dog scent). I have quit calling our outings "walking". We now go practice "parking" twice a day. LOL I'm sure he'll outgrow this one too.
I don't have a corgi, but what REALLY ticks me off with my borzoi is when he eats.........wait for it.......cat poop. I can't STAND it when he does it. I have to constantly keep an eye on him when he's outside going to the bathroom because our cat and other cats from the neighborhood potty in our backyard which is just dirt (typical new Las Vegas house) He does everything else so perfectly (walks well on the leash - which he taught himself, eats great, behaves beautifully, learns tricks like grease lightening, etc, etc...) but it's just eating the cat poop. I know the majority of dogs eat it...but that is just one thing I cannot stand! Lol!
Skittles really gets me going when I try to put her in her crate in the morning so I can head out to work, and instead of going in like a good doggie, she zooms around the living room and starts FRAPping! Then, I have to put down all of my bags, catch her (she's obviously VERY well trained, haha), and put her in the crate. Oy!
Let's see.... Genoa refusing to eat her kibble unless there's a bit of canned stuff mixed with it. She's such a fussy little princess. Dodger dropping slobber covered toys on me first thing in the morning before I'm even awake. Koda takes the cake though. Poop (cat, dog, bird, possum, you name it) eating. He grazes on grass whenever he's outside. He looks like a midget cow moseying along with his head down grabbing mouthfuls of grass. The biggest aggravation used to be "marking territory" on everyone's food bowls or chew toys, but I think we've broken him of that. Now if I can just break him of trying to eviscerate anything with stuffing inside of it. All the squeaky toys are flat and sans squeaker, and the bed on the balcony is looking a bit deflated on one side now and there's this odd green and white fluffy stuff floating around the back yard. Aarrrggg!!
winnie wants us to sit down next to her while she eats her breakfast. it is a hard habit to break esp since we have to get up so early to feed her, so sitting on the ground is something we want to do. the other thing that really annoys me is how much she loves socks and bras. she has taken to going into a clean laundry basket and fishing out socks to steal. we work so hard on the leave it/ drop it, but she is as stubborn as can be.
What is it wish socks in particular? Mine goes straight for those too.

Anyway, he also requires my immediate attention before he eats. If I move away from him and his food bowl he will stop eating. Drives me nuts. What are you doing to prevent this?


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