What is the one thing your Corgi does that makes you very angry!

Cheez-it has a thing for tree-roots. There is a single tree in our normal potty-spot that has roots exposed above ground and he cannot help himself but to stop and chew them. Sometimes seperating a root and chewing it so it appears he is eating something. At night when I cant particularly tell what he is doing and it seems that he is just eating things off the ground (mabye poop, who knows) and he refuses to stop until I come over and pick him up because no manner of slight tugs on the leash will stop him.... Oh it drives me insane. He also gets real nasty when I pick him up as if to say "What are you doing? Cant you see I was busy there?" with a growly smirk on his face. I literally get angry lol. How about your pooch?

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I could not agree more. Everytime he demonstrates bad behavior I can always see what I did wrong to encourage it. I dont read the newspaper but I can beat myself in the head with my laptop. It's much more effective.
That could get expensive though, James. You could pick up one of little those real estate rags that they have everywhere in stands! LOL
It is funny that you mention this! We used to play with Lily and she would barely nibble on our fingers. Now we have to be careful because she is bigger and doesn't know that it could hurt someone. So we have gotten to where we say NO firmly and move our hand when she starts doing it. She is getting to where she understands that it is not cute anymore. And we are working on her not jumping up too. Luckily she is still a puppy!
hehe, I dont really have to hit myself. I can just take him out for a walk and I learn my lesson real quick.
Lola takes my dirty underwear out of the basket and licks and chews it until its ripped!! Yuck!! SOOOO embarrassing when we have people over and she comes out of the room with bright pink panties hanging out of her mouth


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