We've been talking quite a lot here about the things our corgis do to make us upset or angry, but what does he/she do that just melts your heart or makes you crack up?

I love how Bruce, my corgi/elkhound mix, sometimes sleeps, right on his back with all four paws up in the air. I love how he "talks" in these soft little grunts. I laugh whenever he does what I call "carpet shark", where he pulls himself forward with his front paws while flat on his belly, like he's in stealth mode.

I love how Sidney, the Pembroke puppy, sings in his little wookie voice when we come home. I love it when he fraps. It makes me laugh when he steals something...I have to go retrieve it from him but Is still laugh at his thieving ways.

I think it's so cute how both of them sometimes lay down with their back paws out behind them like a lizard sunning on a rock.

So, what about you guys?

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The BEST thing I love about Arby is his smile! :)

For example... I'm sitting on the sofa watching tv and Arby walks up to me and rests his chin on my knee and I look down at him and he's just looking up at me and I say "Hey Arby!" and then the corners of his mouth lift and he literally smiles at me with that twinkle in his eyes and then wags his little knub like crazy. hehehe

Love it.
I love to watch Rosie do Rosie zoomies around the house. She runs around the house at full speed and then stops and looks at me with a big smile. George will fall asleep in my arms and sleep with this sweet look on his face. It reminds me holding my sons while they slept as babies.
I love how Kitty prances down our long hallway,from the bathroom,with her head held high with a big mouthfull of stuffed toy,headed to the living room. I get her all excited with the squeek toy and throw it all the way to the bathroom and away she goes. She will do this over and over.The other thing that cracks me up is in the morning when I let her in,if my honey is still in bed,she will run to the bedroom and stand there and bark acouple of times and then go into her "talking" mode. Even he cant be mad at her because its so funny to hear coaxing him to get up with the growling,chirping burbling sounds she makes.>Bethany
I LOVE how snuggly Grover can be sometimes. He knows he's not allowed to chew on us, so he'll run and get a toy and just launch himself into my lap with it and just chew on it and let me scruff his ears. It also totally makes my heart melt how he will just follow me from room to room and watch everything I do, like it is the most interesting stuff. Laundry doesn't seem half as boring with him sitting on the bed watching me!
I also LOVE his little wooky noises. He cracks me up with his "arrooo arroo's" and his little half barks. He is just such a talkative little sweetness sometimes.
Oh and I love the Frapping! That guy can run! He will tear through the house and then run to me with this total look of triumph on his face like "did you see that? I'm the fastest dog ever!"
Awww, having a dog is the bestest ever!
I love my Bandit's smile. His face is so expressive. I also love when I pretend to throw his squeaky. I ask him "Where'd Squeaky go?," and he looks frantically around with a puzzled expression. And I love when he does really fast laps through the house. It's so cute and funny.
I love how Max makes all his funny noises when he's trying to get our attention, and it does. I love the hind legs spread out behind him while he's chewing "chicken butt". I love how he brings his food bowl (empty) into the living room where we are and starts licking it as if to quietly tell us "hellooooo, my bowl is empty". Of coarse I love the frapping, that just cracks us all up. We just stand back and let him go and he barks at each one of us as he passes by. He never barks while in his kennel, he just whimpers quietly and pushes on the gate gently to let us know he needs to go potty, it's so pitiful sounding that it's cute.

Walking around with a chew toy whining as he attempts to find a place to hide it. Then when he does it's usually in the couch. It's so funny when he tries to push something over it with his nose even though there isn't anything to push over it. He gets grumpy if we watch him bury it and he will grab it and go off to find a new hiding place. What a nut.
I love the 5 minutes a day that Cheez-it is calm and resting in my lap and I can give him a hug without him biting my face off!!
I love that name--Cheez-it! It's so cute! Hopefully he'll calm down for you soon.
I totally remember that feeling!!
Singing and FRAPping are among my favorites. I also really like it when Skittles stops to scratch when she FRAPs. It's HILARIOUS. She'll be running around my living room at full speed, come to a complete stop, scratch scratch scratch, and resume running around at full speed.
I'm new to the site..can you define what FRAPping is?
FRAP stands for Frantic Random Acts of Play. It is when your corgi is sitting calmly and suddenly starts running around and playing out of the pure joy of it. I love it when my puppies do this!


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