We've been talking quite a lot here about the things our corgis do to make us upset or angry, but what does he/she do that just melts your heart or makes you crack up?

I love how Bruce, my corgi/elkhound mix, sometimes sleeps, right on his back with all four paws up in the air. I love how he "talks" in these soft little grunts. I laugh whenever he does what I call "carpet shark", where he pulls himself forward with his front paws while flat on his belly, like he's in stealth mode.

I love how Sidney, the Pembroke puppy, sings in his little wookie voice when we come home. I love it when he fraps. It makes me laugh when he steals something...I have to go retrieve it from him but Is still laugh at his thieving ways.

I think it's so cute how both of them sometimes lay down with their back paws out behind them like a lizard sunning on a rock.

So, what about you guys?

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What makes me laugh is my Hubby and Max. They go outside togeather and Max comes in and pees. Just now they came in and Max saw a rabbit. He didn't chase it, just looked at it and started to chew on a dead weed. Hubby gets so frustrated. Love them both. They make me laugh! ; )
- My Tod is very much food motivated 10 months-old guy. He does extremely well remembering all kinds of tricks (and he's been with us only 2 weeks). Well, we also have a 8 year-old chihuahua who knows some tricks too. The other day I was having a training session with her. Tod was trying to get right in front of her showing every single trick he knows so that he could get the liver treat. It was comical:) What an attention hog!

- I love the look on Tod's face when he sits for his daily spoonful of probiotic Kefir. My husband says he must be the only dog in the hood who likes kefir:)

- I absolutely like how inquisitive Tod is. He just has to know what everyone is doing at every moment. He has to investigate every sound. The best part is he is not a barker, nor a whining dog. Love that.

- Tod is also very confident and will not back down. Not afraid of bigger dogs, or people. He'll look you straight in the eye. I respect that.

There's much more. But the bottom line is almost everything about our little Toddler makes us smile. He doesn't need to beg for affection from us. We can't help but give it to him.
I love how Soffie hides toys from her corgi brother Griffyn. The other night we were playing ball, and one ball squeaked and the other one didn't. She didn't want Griffyn to have the ball that squeaked so she took it and hid it behind their toy basket. Then she got the ball that didn't squeak and gave it to Griffyn. They have also learned the words " your turn", and do take turns chasing balls and going out. Soffie gets jealous of her brother Griffyn, but tries to act like she is not and I catch her watching me with him in the mirror. Griffyn gobbles up his food in mere moments, but Soffie chews one piece at a time and wants him to watch her doing it! She has been known to toss a piece of food in the air in front of him, and then gobble it up when it lands...teasing him badly. She used to refuse to eat if he wasn't watching her eat.
I love it when Viva lies down at my feet while I'm washing dishes.

I remember the first time we were unable to find her tennis ball and we asked her to find it. When she brought it out of hiding I actually started to tear. She has gotten so good at catching and bringing it back, my friends always freak out. I'm so proud of her.

I also love that she is so obedient and playful with my boyfriend, but needs mommy when she's not feeling well or when she wants to go to sleep. :)
i love when my boy speedy runs all over the house. it's the funniest thing to see him get a sudden burst of high energy and run as fast as he can in figure eights aronud our furniture!
I just wrote about it!!! How funny... Caesar does the same thing
Oh My Gosh... Caesar cracks me up all the time. He's just a clown! But out of everything he does I think the herding of the furniture is the funniest. He can be sleeping, wake up, streeeeeeetch, and then something clicks on him. He looks at me, lets a couple of barks out and start doining 8s around the coffee table and the dining table, barking and nipping at the furniture's "feet"... I tell him "it ain't moving" LOL. He can do that for minutes and then he's done.

Also I love when he tilts his head for sounds that he doesn't understand... so cute!
Lately what Sidney does to make me laugh is the cold nose poke (usually to the eye) that he has recently perfected. What a way to wake up!
I have been trying to teach George to shake hands and he pokes his nose into my hand instead of his paw. He is so funny!
There are so many things my corgi does to make me laugh/smile, another one I thought of is when I give him a treat and make him sit/laydown, he immediately rolls over cause he knows thats the next trick I will have him do, so he takes it upon himself to go ahead and do that cause he really wants his treat badly. : )
I love Holli Berri(s) fluffy butt. and her smile and how she prances to the treat bag when she wants a treat. and how sometimes when she has to go neow neow ( potty in chinese) so bad that she slides on er but to the door and ends up running into it.
And tons of other stuff lol


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