So...I was petting Rufus the other day and I noticed that he had a big area on his tummy where he didn't grow hair. I couldn't believe that there was no hair on him right there! I am pretty sure that corgi's are some of the hairiest mammals out there. So I become kind of concerned. I remember seeing it a few months ago, but I swear it was smaller. I just attributed it to a bit cowlick.

Anyway, I look closely and I see a ring on the hairless part of his tummy. My first thought is, "Oh no. He has ring worm." On Saturday, I take him to the vet. And it's not ring worm.

It was his belly button.

I kid you not. But to be fair, the vet had to ask a second oppinion because Rufus has what you would call an outie. It doesn't poke all the way out, it's just slightly raised.

I was a little embarassed. But at least they didn't charge me. If you can't tell by my pic, I am a blond-like my mom says. I hope my true story makes someone laugh.

Anyone else have any funny vet stories?

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I brought Roscoe to the vet because I thought he might have a bladder infection - he kept going much more often, and stopped holding it all day.

Turned out he was just marking, hitting puberty. The vet was trying not to laugh when he told me. "Get him neutered. That's the cure!" Better safe than sorry!
I had Hoogie neutered at 8 months and he still marks everywhere! Even if it's just a drop, he lifts his leg every few feet - even if it's just a taller blade of grass. I would love for him to stop, and pretty sure that if I train him on it, he would, but I really was looking for it to happen naturally after getting fixed. Oh well. He's still the cutest guy ever. He's just showing how manly he still is!
I didnt even know they had belly buttons! Well I imagine they do because they have/had unbilical cords. Wow, Im going to look for that next time!
Awww that is so cute! I've noticed many of our animals have belly buttons. All our guinea pigs do as well. Eowyn has one too, but it's all covered with hair now.
belly button??? huh? I've never seen one on any of my corgis!!! You can bet when I get home this afternoon I'm flipping Blaze over and looking.....
hahahahahahahaha sure made me laugh. thats cute.

my standard poodle has a belly button but not a reall one. its an ambilican hernia. if you push on it is quishes back into her tummy. we could get it fixed but we are scared to put her under. she is already a special needs puppy and doesnt need more anesthesia. it doesnt hurt her or mess her up so it can stay for now.... it is kinda cute though.
I can't believe I'm telling you this, but I took Hoogie to the vet because I thought he had an unusual tick on his lower belly and it was his NIPPLE!!! I didn't even notice (in all the fluff) that he had a matching one, on the opposite side. Poor Hoogie. Sometimes, that little fella must just think I'm completely nuts.
I couldn't find the bellybutton. Hmm. It should be in the middle abdomen area, right??
Well, I don't know if this is the right story for ths post, but Penelope is hairless at the bottom of her tummy. Her skin is kinda pinkish and has black spots. The breeder didn't say anything was wrong, and the vet didn't either...she was throughly checked out. She was tested for worms and was clear of everything. But, she is 11 weeks, does it grow in?

Bailey has this and hes 17 weeks, It's starting to fill in with longer hairs on tehs ide. It did change color though. Before it was completely pink and now its pink with some brown shading - like a cow. hahahahahh./... i cant find his belly button!! Anyone have any clues how long itll take for it to completely fill in?
It never completely fills in! Some of it will and the hair surrounding it will grow, but you're stuck with a bare belly with lots of room for rubs!!!
haha ok! thats just fine, it makes him cuter. =P


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