We went to a park this weekend that had a big lake and met with some other corgis there. One of the corgis loved jumping in the lake and swimming around. He was awesome! Ginny definitely seemed interested and got in and waded around in the shallow area. I didn't let her go out very far, but I'd like to try to teach her to swim. I bought her a life vest afterwards and we might try going to the reservoir to swim in a few weeks.

Does anyone have any tips for teaching a corgi how to swim? Anything I need to be prepared for?

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I always wondered if Corgis could swim..them having the little legs and all. I am always so scared to let Kirby wander out into water...I think I might take small steps by buying him a little swimming pool. That way he can cool down in the dreadful heat!
I took my little guy at 11 weeks old for his first long walk. He's always been a well adapted corgi, but I wasn't prepared for him to belly flop right into the river! He stayed a float, teetered a little bit, but swam alright. Now, any opportunity to do so, and he's in the water.
He's eight now and I have just recently purchased a life jacket for him because of his overwhelming confidence. I'd recommend allowing her to get used to her life jacket before the swim lesson so that she doesn't associate the discomfort of the life vest with an opportunity to have fun in the water. Good luck!
Good idea. Maybe I'll put her lifevest on now! It looks so cute on her.
In addition to life vest, you can also invest in an airbed in pool, this acts like an island, so that you corgi can rest in between swims. You want to start them off with a short distance, then slowly increase your distance to build up their stamina.
Yesterday we visited a family memember who has a pool. Our corgi Jake half jumped/fell in the pool. He went all the way under and when he came up he was swimming kind of on his side. He seemed freaked out about it. And him being 8 months and us just getting him we were unsure if it was his first time.We now need to keep an eye on him because he has trouble finding the stairs. Today he seemed interested again to get in so I'm sure he will be a swimmer. We hope he will be anyways. He looked adorable paddling around!
We always got a life preserver for our dogs in the past. My corgi seems to have learned that it helps him stay afloat, but still likes to be held or near someone when he's swimming. Some dogs just like it more than others. It's a great source of exercise if you cant take him to a park.
we took keahi to the doggy beach in long beach yesterday. at first, he jumped right into the waves chasing another dog, but once he realized it was wet, got out of there pretty quickly and avoided the surf the rest of the time. hopefully he'll get used to it. quick question tho: should i be concerned about water getting into his ears? i'm sure there's some biological mechanism to keep water out, but just want to make sure. thanks!
update: keahi just took his first dump after the beach. it was literally brown concrete. i noticed he had licking some sand (maybe he liked the saltiness??), but didn't realized he had ingested so much. hopefully its passed and there wont be any other adverse health effects.
no my one hate water ...^^...
Those are cute pictures, Ginny! I haven't taken Charlie anywhere yet where there was water deep enough for swimming. I did ask his breeder back when I got him if her dogs liked to swim. She said all of her dogs loved swimming, so hopefully it's in his genes. : - ) I have heard some Corgis sink like a rock...oh my!
Seeing other dogs enjoying the lake I suspect has encouraged our dog Rupert with his swimming. He was hesitant to begin with. Infact it has only been since around the age of 12-18 months that he has really begun to swim. I stood in the water alot to encourage him to come in and gave him plenty of opportunities in warm weather. Persistence and patience paid off.

Rupert quite often likes to keep his feet on the bottom so dosen't go very deep. He has a wade at any opportunity when the weather is warm these days.
We took Tiki into a pool once...she did not mind it too much but she's so long her butt was dragging her down faster than her little legs could paddle


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