what is the average weight for a corgi when they are about 6 months, 1 yr, and then 2 yrs? are they full grown at 2 yrs? just making sure cody is at a good weight now. hes already 9 months old!

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I belive the average adult weight is 25-30 pounds. Not sure what the weight would be for 9 months.
I once started a discussion on when did other corgis stop growing.. you can probably read some comments there. A long time breeder also mentioned on my page they are usually 20Lbs at 6 months.
thanks for the link and all the feedback :]
Tiki is about 27-28 pounds and she is just over 1.5 years old...she was a tad higher when she had her leg operation and had ro remain inactive but now she's slimmed down a bit and looks ideal....She seems to have been about the same size overall for the past 6 months give or take. She seemed she gre longer than larger when she reached 1 year old...I assume now she is full grown.

Cruise is now 5 months and probably weighs about 17 pounds now. He was 11.5 pounds at 12 weeks...he has monster sized paws.


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