What are your corgi names? and their nick names?

My corgis are Mocha and Vienna, we named them after coffee drinks, vienna is actually a blend of turkish coffee :)

Nick names:
harry butt, bunny butt, miss fatty, mocha latte, frappochino, vienna sausage, fat rabbit, double mint twins (when they're together)

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Our corgi's name is Flash, but we usually call him Flashy, Little Pup, Scamp, Scampy, or newly he is being called Studebaker for some strange reason...
After you have named your corgi has anyone thought of changing their name? Can you change their registered name? I wouldn't change what George's nickname is because that is what he knows but I am thinking of changing his registered name. Can you remove the part of the name that the breeder added such as "Friendship Farms"?
I've never thought or tried this. It would be interesting to know...

I know dogs from adoption services mostly learn new names after some time depending on the type of dog (all personalities are different). I adopted a rotty in college and he took to his new name after a while though at the beginning i had to switch to his old name from time to time to get him to come back to me lol. "Kiva come! Kiva Come! KIVA COME! PORGY COME!.... good dog..."
Don't have a nick name for Camber (nor did we name her), but I would use a nick name as the dog's proper name when I get a chance to name our next pet.
I just went to pick my corgi up today. I was browsing the internet trying to think of a name. I think we've decided on Cricket cause shes pouncing around everywhere. We're thinking of going back for her brother and getting him neutered, hes the only one left, and naming him Jimany. So we'll have Jimany Cricket. lol
awww thta would be really adorable. i get to pick up my own pup soon and am going through the name game as well. There are a few that caught my eye so now it will just depend on his personality ^^
My corgi's name is Shippo. His nickname is just "Puppy" and will probably always be, even when he gets old.
I think it's funny how quickly Lilly had nicknames. Randy actually named her Lil' bit (since she'll always be a little bit smaller than Brody), but that's turned into lil' butt, Lil, Missy... mostly we just call her Lilly
Rose and Teegan are both named after the TV series "Dr. Who". Both characters were assistants to the Doctor. ;0) The nickname we use to call both of them is "girls".
I have to add muffin and short-stack due to new roomies hahahha.
We also call George short stack and tank.
tank would work great since she pushes against our legs "tunnel dog" style while we're playing games on our computers hahah


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