What are your corgi names? and their nick names?

My corgis are Mocha and Vienna, we named them after coffee drinks, vienna is actually a blend of turkish coffee :)

Nick names:
harry butt, bunny butt, miss fatty, mocha latte, frappochino, vienna sausage, fat rabbit, double mint twins (when they're together)

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Gunner and Gracie, aka gun gun, gunner bunner boy, bay bay, gracie c, baby girl, and both (so original lol ) bunny butt...
My dog is Bebe. Nickname: Bebe Cakes, Cakes, Bebe Doll, Beebs,
My 4 yo R&W corgi is Lucy. Also known as LuLu, Lou, Lucibelle, LucyLou, little lulu.

Our new tri-baby boy is still w/o a real name. We temporarily named him Rafa but no one seems to like it much except Rafa. We thought of Desi or Ricky but don't like either.

So now it's between Rafa and Rocket (because he's a little rocket man...and could be rocky, the rock).

Let us know: Rafa or Rocket. Thanks!
(PS We're BIG Rafa Nadal fans in my fam)
I have Ein, She will answer to anything but Pooper, bunny buns, einey hiney, Baby Huey, Land rover, guinea pig butt and einerts are most of her nicknames
ADORA - Baby girl, puparoo, puppeteer, monkey, monkey pants, bunny butt, smilie.

RHUN - Rhunner, Rhun-a-zoon, Booner, Zooner, Bug-a-rug, mellow-fellow, fuzzy butt, shadow, bull dozer.

some newer ones

ADORA- little girl, or LG, princess piglet, piglet, you, little thing,

RHUN - roo, roo-roo, honey bear, big boy, boo-boo, boo bear.

We call Lisa---Little Lisa---Eartworm---Worm---Wormy----Babygirl---.
My Corgis are Camilla Barker-Bowls and Spencer. Dear Charles is in Dog Heaven.
Our corgis name is Tallulah - we usually don't have a nick name for her but sometimes call her lula. Her brother, that my sister has, is named Gizmo. We often call him Gizzygiz!
Archie. Nicknames include Bunny, Bunn, Bunny Boy
My Corgi is named Hamlet and we named him that because he is such a ham, always starving for attention. So we call him Ham, Hammy, Hamster, Hambone, Hamalama, and Wiggle Butt.
My corgi is named Holli Berri.

Nick names:
Smush Smush, Mush Mush, Hols, Holli, My little loser, Hollister, Corgi Belly, Silly Bear, Ju Ju, Ju Ju Baby, Shrimpo, Shrimpo Ju Ju Baby, little bumble bee, crazy, shorty, twinky, cutie, and Baby.


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