What are your corgi names? and their nick names?

My corgis are Mocha and Vienna, we named them after coffee drinks, vienna is actually a blend of turkish coffee :)

Nick names:
harry butt, bunny butt, miss fatty, mocha latte, frappochino, vienna sausage, fat rabbit, double mint twins (when they're together)

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Okay, here goes (but I warn you we're really big on nicknames around our house)...

Tank: Tank-dog, Spank-dog, Big dog, Hero dog, Tank Tank, Tanker
Dundee: Dun-Dun, Dundee Bunny Butt
Maddie: Maddie-dog, Maddie-kins
Moira: Moi-Moi, Nugget, Chicken-Nugget, Moira Nugget-dog, Nugs, Snuggle-Nugs,

And of course the all-time best middle name....wait for it....

dammit as in....

Tank dammit
Moira dammit
Dundee dammit
Maddie dammit

Usually follow some horrible gross thing done by a corgi to get attention.

Blaze's full name - "Blaze of Glory" (yes, he IS named after the Bon Jovi song!!) He goes by "Baze-Baze," "Bazey-Baze," and when he's in trouble. . . well can't put those here. :)
My sister started calling Penny the Penny Lady soon after we got her and it just fit her personality perfectly. We also refer to her as The Little Lady or just simply Lady.
Our corgis are Jezebell Foxy Sox and Sir Rockefeller

Nicknames for her are: Jezzy, Jezzabelli, Tucci, Short Stuff, Jezzifur, and Mrs. Jezzington
Nicknames for him are: Rocky, Little Rock, Romeo, Sweat Pea, Peanut and Travolta
His names Moose and we call him Moosh, Moosie, Mousillini, Mooshie, and gooberbutt. 
Our little girl is named Hedy Lamar...she lives up to it with the movie star attitude and all. Just ask Linda! She usually gets called fuzzy butt, missy, missy Hedy... wow, that few really? i hadnt thought about it.

Little boy is named Wizard...because he looks like he wearing a cape. Usually gets called "buddy buddy" or maybe Wizman or just Wiz.
Ruby - Rubius, doobie, doobious, Rubiscus

Macsen - Maxy, Maximillion, Maximus

Together I call them -The shortleggeds or Rubius Maximus
Cooper is Coopsticks, the Coopinator, Coop, Pooper, foxyboy. . .

Norton is pigdawg, babypuppyboy, Cooper2. . .
Our corgi is named Foxxi -- we adopted her when she was 3, so we didn't change her name. I thought the spelling was pretty interesting. :)

We call her Fox, Baby, Puppers, Troub (for Trouble), Stink (for Stinker), Troublemuffin, Fluffybutt, etc. (Seems like we're always coming up with new nicknames for her.)

Foxy Roxi, Doxi Roxi, Bunny butt, Nubblet, Turkey Dog (or Doggin), Fuzz butt, Puppy-Dawgin!, Lil Fuzzy, Rolly (when she visits her cousin molly they form into one and they both become Rolly - never leave each other's side lol), Dawg (Chris's favorite) "Hi dawg!", Child "Come here child and take your bath!" *clattering noise of nails on floor of fleeing corgi*

and the usual lovey dovey coos. Sweety, "there's my baby", blah blah.. moosh lol
Im sorry... had this pointed out at me (oh for heaven's sake I missed one jeez!)

manthing says I missed "Dingo Dawg"

"Ello' thar dingo dawg!"

*shakes head*
Sorry for another! reply...
working on my last video I remembered a nickname that she seems to only have during the spring/summer time.

When we play frisbee with her on the fields her 'white socks' turn green so Chris used to call her Doxi Roxi Greenpaws! (this is originally where doxi-roxi came from hehe)

It was kinda fun to give her a bath and watch her green paws turn white again :) Until the next day ;) LOL


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