We just got our 10-week old puppy from his breeder yesterday. We found that he breathes really fast (about twice per second). When he falls asleep, we can tell how fast he is breathing by looking at his belly or listen to him. Is breathing so fast normal? He doesn't seem to feel any uncomfortable.

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The smaller the mammal, the faster the breathing. Dogs pant to cool. They cannot sweat. So they'll pant a lot after exercise -- for cooling, not oxygen.
Buddy did the same thing when he was really young. As he has gotten older, his breathing and heart rate have slowed down.
Our Donovan panted constantly when we first brought him home at 8 weeks, and it was especially noticeable when he was sleeping. We attributed it to the stress of being in a new environment. Also, most puppies are used to sleeping with their litter, in a warm snuggly pack of bodies-- sleeping alone is probably colder.
Our Corgi JP does the same thing. She is almost 12 weeks. I notice she does it more often after she get done playing and decides to take a nap. I think it is the Corgi way to cool down!
Our 15 week old still does (we got her when she was 7 1/2 weeks) She breathes so fast some nights that I actually check on her periodically. Other times she breathes so slow that I have to stare for a while to realize she IS breathing. I don't think it's out of the ordinary - probably just dreaming :)


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