Sam Tsang's discussion on the "chinchilla roll" spurred this. I don't think I've ever come across a mention of this with other corgi owners, but my boy, Spider, has a habit of eating his fill of dog kibble (usually an almost perfectly measured quarter, half or three-quarters of the bowl), then walking over to the carpet near the couch and rolling around while making pig-like snuffling sounds and licking his lips as if it was so good, he just has to have a good roll.

Sometimes, it's just a wiggle on the rug with the noises, sometimes it's all-out rolling from one side to another with a shimmy on his back inbetween. He never seems uncomfortable or in distress, just... satisfied and happy.

Anyone else's corgi do this?

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I would love to see that on video if you get a chance :)
Perhaps if I can get my digital camera to take videos that aren't murky as all get-out, or figure out how to do it on my phone, I can get one up. I'd also have to catch Spider after a decent meal... which really isn't too hard, since he IS a corgi.
My corgi does the same, but he does this almost all the time haha.

He does this when a meal was that good, but also when I come home (than he`s happy again), when we`ve walked, trained played (so yeah almost 10 times a day haha)

I think he does this when he feels good (about something), because when were somewere else (like in a hotel) he doesnt do this that often, only when hes used to the enviremont.
Miss Pandora does that after every meal. She has ever since she was a puppy. It's pretty cute.
Bryson does the exact same thing after he eats dinner too! He'd roll and rub his snout on his mat while making this snorting sound, like he's trying to dislodge something stuck in his teeth. We thougt maybe he inhaled (literally) some of his food coz he'll sometimes paw at his nose. It worried me at first but now seeing him do it every day for the past 9 months, we sort of got used to it....

Does anyone know why they do that?
I can't say for sure, since I was convinced that my corgi was the only one who did it, until I posted this discussion. When Spider does it, he seems like he's just really happy about being full and sated. He occasionally does the face-paw thing as well during the rolling session, but it's usually not until he's rolled his face around on the carpet and possibly gotten some lint or dust on his face or in his nose/mouth.

Maybe it aids digestion, or it helps to settle the food in the corgi's stomach... although I can't imagine why they'd be the only breed of dogs to employ such a behavior for that purpose, unless it has something to do with their unique bodies.


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