funny story from the vet-if worried about dog eating random things

When i took scout into the vet to ask her about his lack of eating, we discussed how it might be because he has eaten some of the stuffing from his fuzzies. She said that if he doesnt vomit or poop it out it out that they would have to go through surgery at which point my eyes got huge and very concerned. She said not to worry though because her airdale terrier had the same problem and was worse because he would literally eat her laundry. she said once, that he had eaten 8 black risque underwear aka thongs and told her dog that he was just going to have to poop it out because there is no way she was going to the hospital. she couldnt imagine the sheer embarrassment of having one of her colleagues pull out her underwear from her doggie. luckily, he vomited up one, and passed the other 7 whole. apparantly most dogs are equipped with such gastronomical flexibility!

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Scary is seeing an X-ray. The tissue is dark grey. The bone is light grey / fuzzy white. The carpet staple she had swallowed stood out bright white in high relief. Lucky for us the tines were pointed backward so the vet had us wait and she pooped it out.
Always keep canned pumpkin on hand. Remember plain canned pumpkin, not pumpkin pie filling. This is a great way to add bulk to keep the "system" moving well. Pumpkin has the great ability to soften hard stools, firm up loose stools and help things pass easily through the system. While many items will pass on their own always keep close eye on a dog that has eaten an unusual object. Sometimes surgery can not be avoided. It is the owners keen observations that will help a vet know how to best deal with your dog.
Never thought about it, but Thanks!!!
I will definitely invest in a lifetime supply of canned pumpkin now. Oliver has eaten everything from rocks to stuffing to lemonheads in wrappers (he fought the kids off at a graduation party during the pinata beating). Everytime I cringe and think this is going to be the time I'm going to have to rush him to the vet. He eats a lot of grass, though I had always been told that that was something dogs did when they had a tummy ache, but he does it on a daily basis. I'm sure we will have quite a few more weird and scary things go running through Oliver.
Our Cav Oliver's favorite food is plastic.

It just comes out the other end.
oh scout is fine now, apparantly he wasnt eating because his teeth hurt as they were coming in.

it was my vet's dog that ate the thongs. pretty impressive and a little odd. i wonder why they go after underwear...does anyone's dog go after socks? scout always pulls them out. luckily he only goes after mark's. teehee
I think the initial appeal is that they look remotely dog-toy-esque. They are easy to transport (ie: run away with) and the more they get them the more you make a fuss, thus making them want it even more. Cheez-it will take a sock out of a pile of ground beef if he had to choose.
Me, I think it's because socks/underwear smell like us, which is fun and comforting for them. And it's one of the few things (along with dog toys, pillows, shoes) that are actually at ground-level on a regular basis.
All I can say is ... wow! Thank goodness for gastrointestinal flexibility allright.
If you catch the little devils right after they ate whatever they werent supposed to eat, you can add some hydrogen peroxide to their water and it will make them spit it back up. Watching a 30lbs labradoodle hack up an entire dish-towell is a sight to be seen.
haha that would definitely fit into the world's weirdest things to watch a dog do. I would use the hydrogen peroxide but i am too afraid that i would accidentally poison scout.
Well, you should only use 3% peroxide and the dog should get 1 teaspoon per 10 lbs. You can add it to water or turkey-baste it down their throat then let them walk around some, mabye even shake their tummies a little and they should vomit after 15-25 minutes. If not you can repeat it one more time, if that doesnt work, then you need to go to the vet and have them handle it. I was told (and checked the info and it is true) that this is safe to do, but ONLY if it is an emergency, such as the dog ate something that he probably cant pass, or something that could be poisonous if digested. By that I mean chocolate and such, if he eats a brick of chocolate use the peroxide BUT if he drinks some antifreeze or something do not induce vomiting, just get to an emergency care facility fast. It's not for use when like "Oh fido ate my wedding ring!", which really is not an emergency, you'll get it back lol. Anyway, this is how you induce vomiting in dogs, if you are a parent and know about syrup of ipyicac (spelling??), well that is very toxic for dogs and never use it on them. I should say that I am just shooting this information from the hip, so before you trust me make sure you fact-check it yourself just to be safe.


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